A Car spotter is a person who is typically strongly interested, in an amateur capacity, in car spotting, which is observing or photographing interesting, vintage, rare, modified, and/or exotic supercars on public roads.[1] Car spotters can be found worldwide.

Car spotters can often be found in large, wealthy cities and areas such as London, Dubai, Geneva, Zurich, Monaco, Singapore, and Beverly Hills, where exotic cars are most commonly found.

Now that we’ve schooled you on Car Spotting, have a go at spotting your favorite car on Slaylebrity.com

Hot red Ferrari Baby spotted at Cavalli Club Dubai

The Cavalli Club Dubai is one of the hottest spots to spot a real find

Interior of the red hot Ferrari spotted at the Cavalli club

Stealth 2017 Panamera Turbo spotted in a parking lot in Dubai

The Shark! Spotted Ferrari Classic in Toronto Canada

Spotted Stunning Aston Martin Vanquish

Spotted very close to Harrods London

Mean looking Audi RS5 spotted in Dubai

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