How often were we asked,what will you become when you grow up? I want to become a dancer,a policeman,a doctor,a teacher and so on.But today, I get my answer…I want to be a child again. Why? Because my heart was at peace and life was about truly being myself with no pretence. How beautiful and soothing is simplicity. How good is being yourself, non-judgmental and harmless. How good, is it to be innocent.
If we go by the dictionary, innocent would mean lack of guilt or corruption, purity. How true it is, the most attractive are the tender smiles and laughter of toddlers who know nothing but being protected. The wagging tails of our pets who start jumping when they see us. There are no hidden meanings just pure love. They fill us up with the will to protect them. No matter how many movies we see, we never get bored of the old comedy classics like Golmaal, Angoor, Padosan, Khatta Meetha and so on…no matter how many songs we listen to but a lullaby is still so soothing, it fills our heart with the warmth of our mother’s love and sunny childhood days.
Why are the childhood friendships considered to be the strongest? Because we were connected when we were innocent.Nature again is purity and innocence. A sunrise,a flower, a child, a flying bird,a puppy or a honey bee. Uncorrupted unpolluted they are a pure bliss to watch.


The beauty of innocence

Sasha Obama first day at the white house

Uncorrupted they are pure bliss to watch

Malia Obama first day at the white house

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