No pantyhose. No stockings. Just soft, bare thighs leading to what would soon be the wettest spot in Miami.
The Florida humidity was extra stifling. As people stepped into the dimly-lit elevator, the loud rickety fan in the ceiling provided a tease of welcome relief. We enjoyed the break, knowing we would soon be sweating again.
Some more than others.

Penny was a beautiful goddess, slightly tanned with freckles and big voluptuous breasts. She wore a sexy yet somehow unassuming dress. I salivated knowing what was under it. No pantyhose. No stockings. Just soft, bare thighs leading to what would soon be the wettest pussy in Miami.
During one of our previous trysts I asked her why she wasn’t wearing panties. She responded instantly and with confidence, “Because it’s easier for you to finger me.”
She pressed 10. Passing each floor, I couldn’t help but wonder if these strangers could feel the electricity buzzing through our most private parts and ultimately through our souls. When the final passenger announced she was “getting off,” Penny and I turned to each other and grinned.
Penny was right. Two fingers to be precise. They slid in so easily. I could feel her juices collecting around them at the base of my knuckle with a squishing sound mixed with soft moans of pleasure.
The elevator slowed as it approached our floor. Before the doors could open, I removed my sticky fingers from her gooey pussy and lightly brushed them across her butthole. With the naughtiest look I could muster I gently placed them in my mouth. They tasted sugary sweet, like a mixture of melted cotton candy and the juice of a ripe strawberry.

Our walk to her room seemed to take forever. My dirty mind was overwhelmed as I imagined us in a 69, my skilled tongue dancing along the hood of her clit with my entire shaft in her throat with her nose pressed against my balls. Once inside room 1018, we embraced. The time to imagine was over.
To describe Penny’s body is like describing a fine wine. Bold, fruitful and better with age. Once, during a previous meetup, we only had the opportunity to begin exploring each other. Her breast had popped out of her black and white polka dot dress. The pinkness of her nipple was a hypnotic contrast. On this day, I knew I would not get to taste the juices now freely flowing under her fuchsia satin panties, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t have an orgasm. With great confidence in my tongue comes great responsibility. I circled that seemingly lost nipple with my lips, ever so slowly at first and then with a slight bite. My fingers rubbed her inner thigh. Every once in a while my finger would stray toward her warm yet still off limits mound of soft warmth, but my focus remained on her ample breast. As she moaned, I increased the speed of my tongue around her areola, knowing no one in the throes of such passion would be able to last without exploding. I bit down in the most sensual way on her pink nipple while I skirted my finger under her panties just enough to feel the sizzle of her creamy wet heat. As she writhed with passion, I placed that finger in my mouth, pushing her over the edge. Sweat rolled down to her stomach as she orgasmed.
“You NAUGHTY boy,” she panted, stressing the word naughty with a come-hither look made for the most erotic movie. As I remembered that day, it only intensified what was about to happen.

She rubbed my crotch with a wonderful look of approval. Our lips locked like two strong magnets in an intense kiss with tongues tangled and twirled. I was about to lick every inch of her body — and I do mean every inch — from the nape of her neck to the softness of her armpits to the dented space behind her knees to the crack above her butthole.
Passionate kissing led us stumbling to the chair. She said, “I want to keep the dress on. Remember the polka dots?” Clearly that night was engrained in both of our memories. And knowing what I didn’t get to do that night meant I was about to find out in a way that defied the imagination I had used since to fuel many a masturbation session. I removed my clothes and she climbed on top of me. She straddled my face under the dress, so soon my face was as wet as my fingers.
“Oh, you are so wet. I love having the scent of you dripping down my face.”
“You remember, huh? You remember how wet you made me when you sucked my nipple to orgasm? This time you get to suck more than my nipples. You get to lick me everywhere. Evvvvvvrywhere.”

The way she trailed her v in everywhere was enough to make my cock grow 10 sizes. I had imagined for so long how good it would feel to dive between her thighs face and tongue first. My god, she tasted good. I knew her orgasms would lead to a gush of juice and cream so intense that I would need to prepare myself to swallow it all.
I was ready for the challenge. And she prepared me in the most naughty of ways.
“Get ready to drink my cum. Just like I’m going to drink yours. Taste me. Milk me the way I’m going to milk your hot seed evvvvvvvrywhere.”
Oh that word! It alone was enough to send me over the edge. She straightened her back and climbed on top of my cock, all my inches standing at full attention. When the dress went back down I couldn’t see her pussy and I swear that made it so much hotter. Fully clothed and gyrating in a way only she could. So ridiculously tight. So gushingly wet. There was no way I was going to last, and Penny did not care. She had already cum once and now she was ready to cum again with me inside of her. “Just like that. Exactly like that. I’m going to cum all over that beautiful cock.”
I knew that the release of juice and cream was going to make me shoot ribbons of thick hot goo. I swear there was smoke coming out of that perfect pussy.
She yelled in ecstasy that she was cumming, and I felt my orgasm starting to build. I wanted so badly to cum inside of her, but little did I know she had a plan.
As the cum left my balls and raced up my shaft, she tightened her pussy muscles in such a way that I felt like my cock was in a blood pressure machine. Like it was building and building and building without a chance of release. It felt like everything, but at the same time nothing I had ever quite felt before. And as she ground on me just enough for me to start cumming, she let me out of her pussy and yelled loudly, “Cum all over my dress!”
She didn’t have to tell me twice. This was the start of the most powerful orgasm I have ever, ever had. She used her hands ever so lightly to guide what was a steady stream of hot jizz. Her pussy juice was still dripping and mixing with the cum. I moaned and yelled so loudly. I believe I now understand the meaning of an out of body experience.

As we both collapsed in each other’s arms, all that was left were memories and her mess of a dress… covered in the perfect mixture of our hot juices.
As she stood up, she pulled her dress down. It was wrinkled. And stained. I admired our work as we stumbled toward the door and headed back down that long hall to the elevator that started it all. Unlike us, it came immediately.
The door opened. A woman was inside. She wore glasses and had on a navy blue skirt and blazer.
She greeted us with a nod of her head. We smelled like sex. I could still taste her pussy on my face. The whole ride down I wondered if the stranger knew.
At the ground floor, she wished us both a nice day.
My cum-covered minx looked at me, licked her lips, raised her eyebrows and smiled.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








All I do is ignite desire No pantyhose. No stockings. Just you know what!

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