Something sexy,
Something sweet
It’s time to knock the world of its feet!

This sensual look by slay my look is truly everything.

Click here to get the look. (Search for look 02-40 to find it)

We recommend Marietta by slay my hair for this look.

For the perfect eyewear for this look see Red Alien

Bring your sexy back

The female of our species have wanted (and still often want) men who are strong, virile and capable in this world.  It’s probably the reason why rich men and phallic narcissists have so many women excited about them.

Mom looks into your eyes. And, you look back. She playfully has fun with you…and you with her.  You suckle her nipple and enjoy her warmth and smell. You learn that there's a safe place to let go and trust. The universe is just right.

In today’s world, men nurture children more and more. Plus, in the life of a girl, a great father can help his daughter feel unabashedly adored

Women who have felt adored by their fathers (not sexually, but as a valued child) tend to avoid mates who treat them poorly; it’s in their bones

If Dad was uninvolved or disinterested, it can undermine your sense of value as a person

As an adult you may lack the core self esteem to find excitement in a mate who really likes you

As we grow and sexually mature, we long for that long forgotten safety. For those that got it – more or less – sex is glorious and safe

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