Listen to your inner muse and take a chance. Wear something that says here I am today.

This glam dress from slay my look features geometric patterns of shimmering sequins throughout.

With a deep V Neck front and back and a daring sky high slit, this dress is definitely a wowzer!

Click here to get the look

We recommend Emma, Bella or Max

A red hair gem Or A black and gold hair gem will add even more oomph to this look.

Look 02-11 would be the perfect shoes for this luxurious look. (Type 11 in the search box to find it)

Have the confidence to wear whatever you please

You can't control what other people think of you

No matter what you wear there will always be someone who thinks something negative about it

If you're going to worry about what people think about you, then you pretty much have to resign yourself to not going out in public.

You can't control other people's thoughts or actions, wear what you want

You could wear what you think is the safest, most boring looking outfit and we guarantee someone somewhere will think something negative about it

You might as well wear what you want!

Always Please yourself first

Realize that the person who laughed at you from their car while they were driving past that time has probably forgotten about you by the time they turn the corner, wear what you please!

People may ask you why your all so dressed up, infact they might make all sorts of annoying comments but it's not like they're going to spend the rest of their lives obsessing over your outfit is it? Wear what you please

Just remember anyone who laughs at you is a Weirdo not you

The fact is that people think of your appearance all the time you just don't know about it

Even when you're dressed casually, people will see you, and they may make some internal observation about the way you’re dressed, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. You probably do it too.

They talk because they wish they could look like you

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