I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet!

We really are obsessed with walk-in-closets. We love the idea of having our prized fashion items on display in their very own separate boudoir, even if it is just us that sees them. One should have such pride in the shoes, bags, hats and clothes that They have accumulated over the years, why shouldn’t they be treated like beautiful ornaments and added to the décor. Would you agree, or am we being highly superficial and a victim of fashion? A girl’s got to dream big, right?


This look by Slay my look will look amazing in a beautiful walk in closet.

Click here to get it

For white or red Alien shades as seen on our Angels click here

To get the exact same look from top to toe, the blonde luxury wig is Vixen And the black luxury wig is bella

Love love love this look

Red and white striped top and white ripped jeans. Accessorize this look just like we did and your good to go

Back view

Blue/white striped top or red/white striped top with white ripped jeans

The perfect place to hang up this new goodie

Mariah Carey's walk in for some inspiration

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