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A New Angle in Missionary
Vanilla maybe, but never boring.
I use my hand to push Teddy a bit higher and raise my legs so that they fit under his armpits. He moves his legs around mine and looks expectantly at me. I nod in confirmation and he restarts shoving his dick in and out of my pussy. I move my head up from my pillow to look down where the action is happening, and it is hot. Yet the build up is making me close my eyes to focus on an incoming orgasm of several orders of magnitude.

Missionary, good old missionary. The plain vanilla position. Boring compared to a spanking doggy, a hell riding cowgirl or an earth shaking 69. Yet missionary has its right to exist. It is easy and requires less work from the lady. It is a loving position where you can kiss and hold each other dearly.
Yet, will the real missionary stand up? I mean, there is the standing missionary with your feet up on his shoulders while he is shoving himself carelessly inside of you. And there is the overwhelming bear hug missionary where he holds you so tight that you have a hard time breathing.
Tonight I feel like missionary, but the kind of missionary where he holds my legs under his armpits and fucks me deep and fast. The kind where he can place his hands on my neck and simulate choking me. The kind where I can slap his butt with one hand while holding his balls with the other.
“What do you want tonight?”
Are his words as he undresses next to the bed. I look at his legs and that sight gets my juices flowing. I look at his dick and realize how it is already getting hard. I like the power that I have over him. The way his body tells me he wants me without the need to state a word.
“I want you on top,” is my answer. And with that he just gets under the covers and pulls them up to create a “Bear cave.”
“Yes?” is his answer as I extend my hand and grab his manhood.
I hear him roar as I place the head of his dick on my entrance. And rocking like in a lullaby I feel how he proceeds to open me up slowly. Shove in, move back, shove in a tiny bit deeper, move back.
He gets the tip inside and I hear him roar. My well of pleasure has opened the floodgates down there and I know I am ready for our little dance. He moves down and starts kissing me.
I enjoy how he shoves in and out until we are one unique element, hard to know where one starts and the other ends. I am so wet that I can hear our bodies slapping against each other. He now has me in this bear embrace, and I need some wiggle room to be able to move my legs the way I want to.
I place my hands on his chest and push him up. I move my knees to the front and signal for him to get them under his armpits. I do not need to issue a word, for he knows what I want. And I get it.
I look down at how he is penetrating me, in this indescribable rhythm that he uses with me. Almost constant except when he shoves it all the way in. I move my hips to match his motion and we keep rocking the bed like this for a while.
I know I am getting ready to cum and I move my right hand down to caress his balls. They are so big and I like to feel how they slap my vulva when they get deep inside. I place my other hand on his back and hold on to him while moving my hips in the rhythm that I need.
The orgasmic forces of the universe have heard me and I am about to hit the jackpot. He is moving faster now, and my pussy is clenching ready to spasm on him.
And suddenly it is fireworks, an explosion, a slow moving clash of energy. I have to catch my breath, and compose my thoughts. Time has ceased to exist for an instant, and the space in between us is non-existent.
Yet, he is not stopping, which can only mean that he is close to discharging his vital fluids inside of me. I stop my hip motion for a second, just to ride the orgasmic wave that we built together. And then knowing what is coming, I hold his balls even tighter.
He spasms on me, his legs tremble, his dick twitches and his seed makes it inside of me. I laugh and he roars. I welcome him as he shoves himself all the way deep inside.

Teddy is laying next to me, all wasted and ready to go to sleep. I am trying to strike a conversation but am only getting monosyllabic answers. I know I have done my job for the night…


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








Always keeping things hot, dangerous and never boring!

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