Nearly any cover-up conundrum can be answered in two simple words—moto jacket. Find your inner edge with a funky edgy La Kawaii Jacket.

Celebrating art in the daily sphere, La Kawaii is for the person  who leans towards the cool and casual marriage found in vintage leather, but with the accentuation of that little extra flare found in the painting. Each jacket is unique, meaning, each jacket is a one-of-a-kind by virtue of its unrepeated painted motif, pattern and tailoring.  

Their philosophy is to inject cheekiness into the daily life, through clever details and fine craftsmanship on quality leather.

Each piece is hand painted by the artist KC Tidemand. And every jacket is a unique vintage find and comes with their own history and beautiful character, only enhanced by the individual art. Painted with a medium especially for leather surfaces, these pieces are made to be worn. 

La Kawaii is the search for underscoring, displaying and caricaturing aesthetics, symbolism, culture and its stereotypes.

Every piece is signed by the artist.

Checkout a La Kawaii artist in action. The hyper lapse video by Harper’s Bazaar is a 12+ hour job turned into 1 minute and 42 seconds.

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Too Slay

This is how to Find your mojo

Second half of the hyper lapse video

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