I am exceptional because my default setting is bravery.

I look for ANY CHANCE to test myself.

Only challenge and risk excite me.

Everything else in life is BORING.

I cannot sit down and “relax”

I do not enjoy watching TV.

My relaxation is racing my car in the most incredible scenic mountains.

If you have been in this industry long enough, you’ve already figured out that we are not in the business of selling or recruiting.

We are in the business of making connections and building RELATIONSHIPS.

But it can be awkward and uncomfortable if it’s done the wrong way.

That’s why majority of marketers are struggling until they understand that you don’t have to chase people to get them to buy your stuff…

Instead, you need to learn how to attract them and connect with them, so they come to you and ask you how they can be a part of what you’re doing.

If that sounds interesting to you…

In the next few minutes, I’m going to share with you my # 1 secret that helped me to create hundreds of lasting connections,

build a HUGE network, attract over 10000 prospects, sign up reps from all over the world into my business,

get people contacting me about my business despite me being very introverted and fairly new.

But if you’re eager to start learning right now, just get a cup of coffee and read on intently

To tell you the truth, I’m a very shy person. I wasn’t good at making connections with people.

I would never initialize a conversation with a person I didn’t personally know.

And WORSE, I would try to avoid conversations with people I already knew.

So imagine how uncomfortable it was building network abs affiliate marketing business when your success depends on your ability to connect with people.

But it all changed when I discovered this powerful method, that transformed the way to connect with people, make new friends, recruit new business partners and close many sales effortlessly without changing who I really am.

And I’m sure it’s NOT what you think.

So, hang on because I’m about to pour my heart out and share with you the process that might change your business forever…

So you can stop the struggle and make instant connections with any prospects, close sales and recruit the right people for your business effortlessly.

1. The power of Persuasion

For many years I thought that to be able to persuade people to buy from you or to do business with you,

you have to appear as a confident leader, who has figured it all out, and who knows all the answers to all the questions.

So all my life I was building this PERFECT LIFE.

And if you look at it from the outside, you would say that I achieved that.

I had a good paying job, a nice house in the suburbs, few upscale cars, 3 cute little kids, a wonderful husband, and a business I’ve always dreamed of.

But on the inside, my life was a HOT MESS, like everyone else’s. And I prefer not to describe the details, LOL.

The same happened in my business.

The longer I tried to be a perfect leader who knew all the perfect answers, the more prospects I repelled.

I heard similar phrases from them over and over again…

“I can’t do what you do.”

“I’m not that smart.”

“I don’t know how you’re doing it all.”

And they would turn away.

Until I learned how to instantly connect with every prospect by just being vulnerable, opening my heart and soul and sharing my hot mess.

It wasn’t that easy in the beginning.

For the longest time, I thought that being vulnerable meant being weak by creating a chance of being hurt and judged.

I cared so much what other people thought of me and my business, that I’ve built a huge wall of perfection to protect myself.

Without realizing I was building my own perfect jail.

But that jail came down crashing when I realized the power of being vulnerable.

2. Being Vulnerable Can Expand Your World

When you open your heart and share your HOT MESS with others, they will instantly connect with you and relate to you as their own life is a hot mess quite often.

They will realize that you’re a human just like they are, that you don’t know all the answers but you can help them with their struggles.

By saying be vulnerable, I don’t suggest to share all your life’s misfortunes or show your prospects all the skeletons in your closet LOL.

But rather share your feelings with them.

Tell them how your life was before you found your product or started your business and tell them how you felt, describe your emotions.

And show them how your life changed since then, how you feel now.

Feelings are the most powerful force in the world – from fear to love, from anxiety to peace, from stress to happiness.

If you learn how to tap into your prospects feelings and show them the way from where they are right now to where they want to be by being vulnerable and sharing your feelings…

You will transform any hype into passion and skepticism into trust.

When you learn how to connect with them without asking to buy or trying to recruit them, you will become their friend and a person who knows how to get them what they want.

And even if they don’t buy from you or join your business right away…

Next time that same feeling arise in their mind, YOU will be the first person they would think of.

Nobody is gonna remember the ingredients list of your product or a compensation plan.

But they will remember the feeling and emotions you shared with them.

3. Transform hype into passion and skepticism into trust

Recently I had to speak at a closed event in front of other marketers and all I had to do was introduce myself and briefly describe my journey.
Instead of sharing facts and figures I shared my hot mess again, my feelings, emotions, and struggles.
After that, I had several people come up to me and thank me for sharing from my heart because they all could see themselves in my story. 
One of them messaged me months later saying that what I did was very powerful, even though she didn’t remember exactly what I said but she remembered how it made her feel. Few of those people also joined my team. 
So being vulnerable is a powerful tool for building instant connections and trust.
But that’s NOT the only thing you need to close sales and build a team of same minded people.
You’re probably thinking “I’m vulnerable all the time, so what? My business still not growing! ”
Unfortunately, closing prospects is not the major problem most network marketers face.
It’s not having any prospects at all.
When I exhausted my warm market, being vulnerable with strangers in the mall was not my thing LOL.
But I figured out the way of having prospects reach out to me and ask me about my products and opportunity without ever leaving my home.
If you want to learn how to find quality people to talk to about your business and how you can build a network of raving fans, customers, and potential business partners online,
you definitely need to learn
1. how to expand your network fast, way beyond the list of a 100 friends
2. how to become hunted and not the hunter
3. how to get your team duplicating fast without doing all the crazy stuff that most marketers do.
That’s exactly what we do at Slay club world VIP social network.

After you implement what we tell you
you will be able to stop bugging friends, family, and strangers about your business
because the prospects will be coming to you wanting to learn more about your business or ready to buy your products.
Although I’m very grateful to be recognized and paid as a leader…
I’m most grateful for the time that was given back to me once I learned how to leverage social media and build my business 100% from my computer and on my time,
without sacrificing the most precious things in life.
And if I could do it, a shy immigrant girl who came to the states barely speaking English, never owning a computer before, having no clue about social media and technology, with $200 in my pocket, then anyone can, including you!

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You don't have to chase people to get them to buy your stuff... you just need to transform any hype into passion and skepticism into trust.

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