Feeling a little ho-hum about your daily look? I feel you. I wear the same makeup and outfit almost every day: leggings, boots, filled-in brows, mascara and red lipstick. It’s an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” kinda thing, because it’s a good look. But it gets boring.

I’m a big advocate for injecting a little glamour into your daily life. This is especially fun in the dead of winter, when everyone’s teetering on the edge of cold-weather craziness. It’s too cold to do anything except hang out in your house in an evening gown and Ugg slippers, which is something I have done more than once. Feeling stuck is the worst.

Wanna bust out of your routine and channel some decadent Elizabeth Taylor-style glamour? Or even Blanche Deveraux. I support glamour in all forms. You don’t have to go full Miss Piggy style, but you can if you want! Here are a few simple tricks to get you out of that rut.

1. One ridiculous piece of clothing that makes you feel a little bit magical.
2. Red lipstick.
3. Confidence
4. Perfume
5. Lashes
6. A bubble bath
7. Catch up with your favorite Slaylebrities at that slaylebrity life

Treat yourself like the glam queen that you are here

To look glamorous you must feel glamorous

Like what you like. If you feel like going out to dinner dressed in ____ (fill in that blank with whatever you like! I don’t judge.), then do it. Who gives a shit what other people say? Other people are kind of awful sometimes. Confidence is tough, though. It takes some serious time to feel OK in your skin or to be fine with the person you are. I’m not gonna be that writer that tells you you’re perfect as you are and I think you’re fabulous, because that’s just blather. YOU have to feel it. And you will!

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