Every lady desires to feel beautifully fabulous and, preferably, all the time! Today, let’s talk about 11 easy tips that will help you feel more beautiful and even more fabulous:
1) Let’s begin with the essentials…This is a hidden, but important tip that can help you feel fabulous and more confident – wear beautiful underwear! Only you will know what is hiding under your dress, but this cute little accessory – your lingerie – will instantly boost your feeling of “fabulousness”!
2) Don’t neglect a lip gloss. Yes, lip gloss should be your best friend when you go out of the door, even if you don’t wear any another makeup. Lip gloss can seem just a small detail on the first sight, but it’s these small things that make us feel gorgeous! When you apply this “shiny sparkle” on your lips, it instantly adds glamour and freshness to your face and you can notice that you immediately feel fabulous!
3) Eat your favorite dessert. Yes, sounds strange, because you’d think that it could affect your figure, i know, but there is one important psychological trick here – when you consciously spoil yourself from time to time, you will notice that your self-worth and self esteem will grow and, therefore, your feeling of fabulousness will amplify, as well. Yes, it all starts with small details, like spoiling yourself with something delicious, consciously and thoughtfully, enjoying yourself and enjoying the moment…because you are worth it!
4) Put on your favorite music and dance like no one’s watching! Actually, if you do it at home alone – nobody would watch anyway :), but dancing and “fooling around” is not only beneficial for boosting your feeling fabulousness, but also for improving your mood and the feeling of life’s enjoyment – which is the essential ingredient of happiness.
5) Your favorite perfume can make you feel more confident and beautifully fabulous! One of the easiest things that we can do to feel amazing and attractive is making habit of using good perfume every day. The most important perfume tip is that the scent should inspire you, please you and make you feel certain way – to be more precise, it should make you feel fabulous instantly. When it does – you’ve just found “the one”! (I mean the perfume :))
6) Light up candles, put on soothing music and enjoy wonderful meal that you’ve just cooked especially for yourself or for someone you love! (If you have a special someone, you can enjoy the romantic meal with candle lights together). And while you are creating this little pleasant experience for yourself (or for both of you) try to notice and pay attention to the feeling of enjoyment it brings you. It will add power to your feelings of fabulousness! (Only make sure you control the size of your portions, because you want to feel fabulous both before and after the romantic dinner).
7) Take a day of “beauty rest” – a day that will be entirely consecrated to you – when you can do some good facial masks, manicure and pedicure, pampering yourself, enjoying delicious healthy food, watching the movie “after your heart”, basically, just doing something pleasant for yourself the whole day. Try this tip and you will see your levels of fabulousness increase.

8) A good pair of shoes can add confidence and make any lady feel fabulous! It’s ok to splurge money on great and even fabulous pair of shoes from time to time, because when you wear them – you will always feel and look fabulous!

9) Laughter will instantly make you feel great! So, take time to watch funny movies, spend time with people who make you laugh, or just smile to strangers while walking on the street. All this little things can add up to your feelings of confidence and fabulousness!

10) Jewels can make you feel beautiful and fabulous. No matter what you wear, try to add pretty jewels to your outfit – it will boost your feeling of femininity straight away, making you look and feel pretty, attractive and charming!

11) Your girlfriends make you feel fabulous! Yes, girlfriends and friends in general are treasures of our life and communication with them can truly make us feel fabulous! So, remember to spend time with your friends, make sure to be there when they need you and, with your true and genuine friendship, make them also feel fabulous!

It’s the little things in life that can make you feel beautiful and confident, so try to find those small pleasures and “fabulousness boosters” and remember to practice them often, because your worth it!

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