So you’re going nuts for this gallery wall. You can’t get enough of it, you love this style that was created using a combination of luxury interior wall art prints from slay my Art and want to slap that shiat up on your wall at home. Good call, it looks hawt af and you’ll have all your friends wishing they could do it too.
So we’re going to make it easy for you and share our simple guide to replicating this feature wall.
1. Measure your wall (or if your like us, wing it and make it fit)
2. Find a variety of different size frames, all these are from ikea, they are called Stromby. Ikea recently discontinued this range, however they might still have some in your location. otherwise places like Freedom, Target, Kmart, Officeworks, Reject Shop, Big W, Masters, those Dollar Shops have some similar options.
3. The sizes included in this look are;
50x70cm The Austin flower print
40x50cm The Stables Peonies print
30×40 cm The Grove forest print
30x40cm The Catherine flower print
30x40cm frame with an A4 Lovers ink handscripted print using the existing white border that comes with the frame.
30x30cm Pose premium print
30x30cm Noir letter ‘a’ print in grey & white
4. So it really depends on the space you have in regards to how much you can fit and the layout. Use this picture as a guide, you can measure and mark out where each frame will sit. Or if you’re like us, just wing it and go by what looks/feels right. Make sure when you mark where the print will go, to mark where the hook will hang from and allow enough space around each print.
Good luck. You got this!

Price $2609.72
Includes International VIP worldwide shipping

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