Looking for just the right evening dress can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. One easy way to ensure that you look your best is to pick the right color for your dress. Understanding which colors look good on you requires a few simple tricks, and then you’re on your way to looking your best all the time—especially at that special evening.

Consider your coloring. The combination of your skin tone, natural hair color, and eye color will determine which colors tend to look good on you. This process can seem a little complicated, but once you’ve done it, finding clothes in the right colors will be much easier for the rest of your life.

Determine your undertone. To find out your undertone, no matter what shade your skin is, turn your hand palm up and look at your wrist. If your veins look green or yellow, you are warm toned. If they look purple or blue, you are cool toned.
* If you have cool undertones, you tend to look best in cool colors like blue, gray, and silver. Colors that remind you of the sky or of water will probably look good on you.
* If you have warm undertones, you tend to look best in earthy, warm colors like brown, gold, and dark green.

Determine whether you’re dark or light. Once you know your undertone, use your natural hair color to help determine whether you’re dark or light. This will help you further refine which colors look best with your undertone.
* If you have cool undertones and dark hair without reddish highlights you are a Dark-Cool. This means that you most likely look great in bright, vibrant jewel tones like turquoise or indigo. It also means that warm pastels like peach and soft pink don’t look good on you. Most women are Dark-Cools.
* If you have cool undertones and naturally blonde or light brown hair without reddish highlights you are a Light-Cool. This means that you probably look best in pale, cool colors like baby blue and lavender, but not in more saturated, earthy tones.
* If you have warm undertones and brown hair with reddish highlights or dark red hair, you are a Warm-Dark. Warm-Darks look best in earthy, saturated colors like gold, olive, and rust but tend to be washed out in bright red shades.
* If you have warm undertones and blonde hair with reddish highlights, bright red hair, or golden blonde hair, you are a Light-Warm. You probably look best in soft, pale colors like ivory and powdery pink. However, you coloring can be overpowered by harsh, saturated colors like deep black or navy.

Consider your eye color. Nothing is more dramatic in style than wearing a dress that brings out your eyes. Green, blue, and hazel eyes look great when paired with lighter colored dresses. Dark, earthy shades tend to make brown and very dark eyes look nice. You can also match your dress to your eye color.

5 Remember that some colors look good on most people. There’s a shade of red for every skin tone, for example. Black or darker shades of gray are another failsafe. And there’s a shade of white or off-white that flatters just about everyone.

Try on new colors. Shade (light/dark) and undertone (warm/cool) are not iron clad rules; plenty of people fall somewhere in between, and some colors can look good with unexpected shades and undertones. Bottom line: if you see a color you like, try it on. It just might look fabulous on you.[13]
* Spend some time trying on different dress shades in the fitting room and getting a feel for how certain hues look on you.
* Take a few snapshots of yourself in different colored dresses and review them. It can be easier to decide what colors flatter you if you take a picture than if you’re standing staring in the mirror, or looking down at the dress as you’re wearing it. You can also share these snapshots with others for a second opinion.

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