If your in business you know how difficult it takes to get a business running smoothly. For those who have just started a business and are wondering why things haven’t taken off as soon as you launched despite your great it amazing service/product, we bring to you an article by Lenka Lutonska.

A lot of people and coaches would like you to believe that you can build a £10k+ a month business in just a few months while working on your business no more than three hours per day, and ideally from your beach house! Claire Mitchell, the founder of The Girls Mean Business, calls this “The Big Fat Coaching Lie”, and I could not agree more.

Whenever I see claims like this, it makes me cringe.

I’ve been in a business for eight years but I don’t know of ANYBODY who put part-time efforts into building their business and it magically took off.

Building a business takes hard work. A lot of hard work.

So given you are willing to put a lot of hard work into building your business, how long does is really take to make it successful?

Well, unfortunately there is no straightforward answer as each person and business is different. There are a number of variables. Here are just few:

SKILL: How good are you at what you do?
CLARITY: How clear are you about your ideal client? How clear you are about your marketing message? How clear are you about what you stand for?
MARKETING: How skilled are you at marketing? How clear are you about the most effective marketing channels for your offering? How much do you love marketing?
SALES: What is your relationship with sales? How skilled are you at selling? Have you got a clearly defined selling process?
TECHNOLOGY: How tech friendly or phobic are you?
CONFIDENCE: How confident are you in your business, your offering, and yourself?
SELF-SABOTAGE: How willing are you to overcome your self-sabotaging strategies?
NETWORK: What size and kind of network do you have? What’s your relationship with people in your network?
PRICING: What financial situation does your ideal client tend to be in?
CONNECTION: How centred are you? Do you have the support to help you through ups and downs?
Building a business takes lots of learning, self-discovery, hard work and the flexibility to change things along the way.

I am two years into my new business and I am blessed with wonderful clients and a good income. However, I have still have a long way to go before I can take it easy, taking family holidays whenever I choose and… basically rest. Nowadays, if I am not with my family or consciously creating “re-energising time” (which I found crucially important), I work. Sometimes it feels like I work all the time. And I am willing to continue working very hard, no matter how long it takes to bring my business vision into reality.

Why? There are two reasons.

Number one, I freakin’ LOVE what I do. Today I picked up a note from one of my clients: “I am thankful for that day, when I met you Lenka. You changed my life so much, that I’m sitting in my bed and crying. This time it’s happy crying;)))” Being part of my client’s business and personal journey is a huge privilege and working with my clients really energises me and helps me to get through my own bumps on the road. So loving what you do really helps.

Number two, I have a huge WHY. When I lost a thriving business two years ago, I found myself in debt, with a young family, bills to pay and huge dreams. So I had no choice, but to make it work.

I believe that answer to the “how long” question ultimately comes to this: It takes however long you are willing to settle with NOT having it.

Do you agree?

To your advantage,


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Building a successful business is hard work

Success takes time

Source: By Lenka Lutonska

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