Com Mirza is a serial entrepreneur, global investor, business mentor, and philanthropist.
He owns manages and is a partner in 34+ companies across 8 countries and has made over 100 + investments as an investor in 9 different industries ranging from technology to real estate.
He’s helped over 10 people make over 10 million dollars in their businesses.
Over 100 + people make a million dollars or more in their businesses, and over 500 + people make 6 figures or more in their businesses. He has an impeccable track record in mentoring, accountability and adding systems and processes to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses, products and services.
He’s mentored over 10,000 + people in over 18 cities globally.
He sits on the advisory board of 25+ companies and has helped over 40 + entrepreneurs successfully raise funding for their startups, and projects.
He also runs Mirza Welfare Trust, Mirza Foundation, and sits on the board of 7 other NGO’s, charitable and philanthropic organizations.
He runs an annual ramadan food drive campaign to feed the poor and needy in poverty stricken places in 8 countries and has successfully fed over 65 + million meals in the last 7 years in addition to building 3 places of worship, and 5 schools for the poor.
When he’s not playing batman towards helping the poor, or Xavier towards mentally helping entrepreneurs develop their mutant super powers, or playing warren buffet investing into companies he enjoys reading extensively, traveling 3-4 months out of the year, launching new ideas and projects, and spending time with his family.
He is happily married with two children and lives in the worlds tallest building The Burj Khalifa, in downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He owns two luxury car rental companies and can usually be found driving around the streets of Dubai in a Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley or SUV.

Fast forward to 2020 In this shocking expose we will reveal how all the above accolades turned out to be false. Alex Becker will actually share the story about how Con Mirza literally duped him of more than $60,000 and reports are flying in of more sordid events. Indeed it is likely he is rotting away in a Dubai cell as we speak.



Com Mirza fooled millions into believing he was worth millions

Crazy Cons do happen

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