Maria’s thoughts consumed my every waking moment. She yearned for an adventure that would breathe new life into our marriage, shattering the monotony that had plagued us for years.

Honey, I just want to do something special for my birthday this year,” my wife Maria said at dinner.
“We can go to that fancy restaurant you like so much,” I responded.
“No, Andy, no. I need more than that. Fuck!” she exclaimed and stormed out.
I was thirty-eight when I met my wife and she was twenty-two. I was instantly attracted to her upbeat personality and voluptuous body. We had been dating for six months before I popped the question and we hastily got married. I’d always considered myself to be an attractive man, I worked out regularly and was fairly well endowed, but Maria… she was an absolute knockout. She had auburn hair, blue eyes, an amazing set of natural large breasts, a firm round ass, and legs that went on for days. And Maria played the part of a trophy wife perfectly; she spent her days shopping, lunching with friends, in the salon, and at yoga. I never complained about the money she spent because she was always posh and polished, making me the envy of all my business associates.
We had always enjoyed a very active sex life, even though I wasn’t into some of the more kinky sex that she desired. She was an amazing cock sucker and her pussy was incredibly tight. She had perfected a technique to squeeze and milk my cock that always sent me over the edge. I even attempted to indulge her domination fantasy, but I’m not a mindless brute so I just couldn’t go along with it. Some light spanking I could do but no more than that. She even begged me to play with and fuck her ass but, I just couldn’t hurt her.
In my wife’s opinion, our sex life had turned incredibly dull and I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I could do more for her. Madly in love with Maria, I thought of something special to offer her for her birthday.

I had woven countless tales of intricate desires and mesmerizing adventures. Yet, Maria’s unexpected plea stilled me, for her request ventured far beyond the realm of my imagination.

Hmmm gosh I’d have to give in to get erotic demands to keep her I knew she would stray if I didn’t cave soon.

What’s the dude she was craving yeah that’s it Terry. I called him up and arranged the darn thing.

I also got her the super expensive custom lingerie from slay my lingerie she wanted.

On that day I was nervous wondering where the surprise would take us..and then it was time.

They went at it like cat and dog.

Terry was more than willing to oblige my wife’s request and began to pound into her. With each thrust, he was able to sink deeper into her. Soon she was moaning and having one orgasm after another, her juices pooling on the coffee table beneath her.

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I need more than basic

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