Homeland’s seventh season is on the way, and we now have a gripping trailer to sink our teeth into.

Against all speculation about its fate, Homeland recaptured its previous glory during a dynamite sixth season, even offering a finale that left fans reeling. 
So what’s next? Well, the good news is that, yes, Homeland season 7 is coming. In even better news, it sounds like Homeland season 8 is also a go. Last June came the first reports that the show was given a two-season renewal that is expected to conclude the series’ run. That was confirmed later in the fall, with showrunner Alex Gansa doubling down on ending the series on a two-part high.

And unsurprisingly, it includes a lot of ‘ripped from the headlines’ political, cloak and dagger plotting.

Homeland season 7 trailer
The trailer is finally here, and the Showtime series promises a presidency gone rogue in its penultimate season. In her final storylines, Carrie will be dealing with a threat far bigger than she ever conceived of when she joined the CIA…

Homeland season 7 release date
The first five seasons of the show all premiered in the autumn. Season 6, however, was the first to take a January premiere date instead. Given that it has seemed to switch real estate with Shameless, and Showtime has already confirmed Homeland season 7 will premiere sometime in 2018, banking on a January 2018 release date seems like a good bet.

Homeland season 7 cast
Elizabeth Marvel is expected to return as President Elizabeth Keane, as is Linus Roache as her right-hand man. And of course, Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin will continue to anchor the series as the leads Carrie and Saul. It is currently unclear if F. Murray Abraham is yet returning as the duplicitous Dar Adal.
Dylan Baker has also joined the cast of Homeland. The respected film and television actor, whose credits are as diverse as Trick ‘r Treat and Doc Connors in the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man Trilogy, as well as television stints on shows like Damages and The Good Wife, has been cast in the role of U.S. Sen. Sam Paley, who is described by Showtime as a “maverick” senator from the southwest. Hmmm. Where’d they get that idea?

This true blue enigma to both political parties will be overseeing a Senate committee investigating President Elizabeth Keane for executive overreach. And if the southwest senator in real-life was also doing that, we imagine many Homeland fans would be rejoicing. 

Homeland season 7 setting
The series will also be continuing its recent return to the actual Homeland. Season 7 will take place in Virginia, which is only fitting as it is the backyard of Washington D.C., and saw plenty of action during the series’ first three seasons.
Alex Gansa said in a recent statement, “We’re thrilled to bring the production of Homeland to the great state of Virginia. Its cities and neighborhoods and people will surely provide a rich backdrop for our story, and we in turn aim to provide a small but hopefully significant boost to the local economy.”
Previously, Homeland has shot in Charlotte, North Carolina to double as Maryland and Virginia in the show’s early years. Changing the focus from the New York City setting of season 6 also makes sense, given that season 6 ended on the stunning cliffhanger of President Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) lurching toward autocracy and arresting much of the country’s intelligence community. Carrie Mathison finds herself shut out by Keane in the White House, as well.

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