The rhythmic beats of music filled the air as Garett arrived at the lavish party hosted by his best friend, Pete. The grand hall was adorned with sparkling lights, elegant decorations, and a lively crowd of partygoers, all dressed to impress. Garett felt a mixture of excitement and anticipation as he navigated through the sea of well-dressed guests……

Hours later The holiday party was winding down. In truth, it was pretty lame other than the free booze. Everyone else seemed to be coupled up while I came alone, having broken up with my girlfriend just before Halloween.
I sipped the last drop of spiked punch and stared momentarily at the empty glass, wondering if I should have one more, or head home. I made the wise choice and began searching for Pete, our host, to thank him for the invite. A crowd of people, all with the same idea blocked my way so I decided to head to the door. Pete would be fine with a thank you via text. After all, he was my best friend since Elementary school.
Three steps. That was how far I walked before slipping on a patch of slick liquid and landing on my backside. Cider. The unmistakable scent of apple mixed with cinnamon greeted me as I landed in the small puddle. My pride was hurt more than my bum, but for some reason, it was difficult to stand. Dizziness overtook me each time I tried to sit up. That and my left leg stung when I tried to bend it. Instinctively, I touched my left thigh with my fingers, only to find them spotted with my blood when I looked at them. That was enough to trigger a faint. As the room faded to black, the last thing I saw was a hand reaching toward mine.
When I came to, I was lying on a bed, a fluffy white comforter beneath me. As my vision cleared, I could tell by the posters of Timothée Chalamet, Taylor Swift, and Pedro Pascal that this was Elise’s room. Elise was Pete’s younger sister, just turned 19. I hadn’t seen her since I graduated high school four years ago. She was a pain in our ass back then, always butting into our gaming sessions, or begging to join our DnD group.
“Are you ok, Garrett?” Although I knew it was Elise, her voice had changed from the whiney soprano to a warm alto. I ignored the tingle on the back of my neck and responded hoarsely.
“Yes, thanks!” It was more of a croak than clear speech but Elise got the message. A moment later, she came into view. She was dressed in a red lace sexy racy lingerie she must have worn under her dress to the party, the bust area was see-through other than a flowery pattern. She approached, placing her hand on my thigh.

As the night unfolded, Aaron found himself growing more aware of the forbidden desires that had begun to consume him. Elise, the younger sister of his best friend, had always been a figure of untouchable beauty in his eyes. The way her smile radiated warmth and her eyes sparkled with mischief, it had always captivated him. But now, as they spent more time together, their connection had grown stronger, and the intense attraction between them had become undeniable.

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