High society shuns Facebook and friends in favour of online cliques that can cost thousands to join (and membership is mostly by invitation only)

It may be the world’s biggest social media platform, attracting some 900,000,000 users every month, but for the UK’s high-flyers, Facebook is no longer the place to hang out online.

While they might still keep their accounts open, high-flying upper class twentysomethings have found new social media playgrounds to inhabit.
Members-only sites such as Slaylebrity, ELEQT, which largely mirror Mark Zuckerberg’s hugely successful format but come with hefty fees of £3,000 – upwards of £50,000 a year to join, are all the rage.

Wealth isn’t always a guarantee of success though; as many elite social networking sites targeting a more discerning clientele have ended up on the internet scrapheap as have prospered. 
Netropolitan, for example, launched to a large fanfare last year toting membership fees that ran into the thousands…but quickly stalled and was closed down just two months later.  
Here, we look at the successful private networks where the young and rich are hanging out in the virtual world.  

Slaylebrity( slaylebrity.com)
An opulent catharsis of extravagance. This luxury network marketplace is not for the faint hearted. The elite playground features mind boggling extravagant goods ranging from couture wear to more extreme luxe goods such as luxury mansions and even private jets. The eye watering prices are enough to make this Network as exclusive as it could possibly get. However it’s not all about wealth at Slaylebrity, and that’s what sets it apart from the other private platforms which flaunt materialism as the forefront of their business ethos. Slaylebrity has cleverly created a mixture of extravagance, useful business tips and stories, fitness and health tips, celebrity and even influencer news. It really is extremely genius what this network has been able to pull off in barely 2 years. The network has further exacerbated the environment of exclusivity by offering graded memberships ranging from Bronze to Black, with each membership level coming with its own unique rewards and privileges. And it doesn’t end there, This prestigious social site even has its own network currency and Social Network membership card featuring a 24K Gold VIP card for its most prestigious members.

WHAT IT COSTS: Fees start from $30,000/yr and go all the way up to $60000 a year.

THE LITTER BOX (killingkittens.com/the-litter-box)

Where the upper classes go to get racy.
The Litter Box describes itself as the ‘sexiest social network in the world’ and is the online arm of the Killing Kittens private members’ sex club, which has regularly hit the headlines thanks to founder Emma Sayle’s friendship with the Duchess of Cambridge. 
Membership can come down to looks, with around 30 per cent of those who apply to join turned down. If you’re accepted, then you can flirt away in the private chat rooms and share videos. 
There’s even an online sex toy shop. Billed as female-friendly, the site warns: ‘Be creative, be polite, be horny but remember, the girls are in control…’
WHAT IT COSTS: Up to £100 a month  

SOCIALCONCIERGE (socialconcierge.co.uk)
Nobody meets anybody in a bar anymore, it seems…with even the well-heeled needing help with introductions. 
Social Concierge is styled as ‘London’s invite-only date concierge’ which lets those searching for a new paramour mingle both online and in person at monthly drinks events in London’s poshest postcodes. 
Recent shindigs include a Japanese-themed party at Sake No Hana at St James’, co-hosted by artist Grayson Perry. High society mag Tatler was also in attendance.

WHAT IT COSTS: Membership from £40 per person a month. Referral required. 

ELEQT (eleqt.com)
The vocationally insecure need not apply: membership of ELEQT comes after a strict vetting process, which takes a good look at the current career of the prospective member and what they can bring to other users. 
Once you’re in, perks include swapping contacts with the seriously rich; almost two thirds of users can boast an income of more than £150,000, discussing big topics with global ‘thought leaders’ and, of course, going to some ‘supah’ networking parties in some very glitzy locations. 
Tagline is: ‘Discover life in style’  
WHAT IT COSTS: Annual membership costs £3,000  

A SMALL WORLD (asmallworld.com)

No, not the Disney attraction themed around a miniature universe, this Small World launched in the same year as Facebook – 2004 – and has managed to keep wooing the wealthy – and often famous – through its online doors. 
Travel is the main hobby of those who join, with jet-setters able to discuss lavish travel plans and hook-up at super-glam events, many for charities. 
When the company celebrated 10 years of success last year, it held a fondue party in the upmarket Swiss resort of Gstaad, with actress Carey Mulligan adding some celebrity glitter. Frida Pinto has also been seen at the company’s winter parties.
WHAT IT COSTS: £75 a year  

RICHKIDSOFINSTAGRAM (richkidsofinstagram.tumblr.com)
Anyone can access images of the lives of the ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ but only a select few can afford to actually experience what they pore over on the popular tumblr blog. 
The young millionaires behind the internet sensation everyone loves to hate insist that they aren’t bragging – just posting average pictures of their lives like everyone else. 
How to join the club? Flit between the world’s most glamorous cities, dine at the finest restaurants and wear the most exclusive clothes…taking selfies as you go. If your image is chosen, you’ve made it in.
WHAT IT COSTS: Nothing… but you’ll need a flash lifestyle to get noticed.

Source: Daily Mail

The Wealthy are paying premium for membership to exclusive online clubs  Because Facebook and friends are deemed to mainstream

High society shuns Facebook and friends in favour of online cliques that can cost thousands to join (and membership is mostly by invitation only)

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