There is an increase in sophistication of coffee drinking. Just to give you an idea, coffee perfectionists will use only freshly roasted beans not more than a week old, stored in airtight containers and ground immediately before brewing. To take it even further, the water must be fresh, drawn from a cold tap that has been run for several seconds, then boiled – but not overboiled. The water must be poured into the coffee maker of your choice (like the cafetiere), left to brew and drunk as soon as possible – but only from a warmed cup. Some can even go as far as saying that it is a sort of an art form.

Although your cup coffee may not require the same level of labour, you may choose to drink it in style.

This one is a favorite from Slay my Art. It epitomizes and illustrates the fashion flair of the slay network.

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Your coffee mug should be as sophisticated as you

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