Happy Friday, everyone! If your week has been a stressful blur, then you can definitely benefit from taking a few minutes to mediate. Friday is a good day to slay up (recharge your mental energy and bring in more positive vibes to your well being).

Meditation is an easy and simple way to improve your day to day happiness. Best of all, it can improve your wellbeing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Check out some of the benefits of meditation below

1. It improves your concentration. Because meditation is about focusing your attention, you become more aware when your attention begins to drift. As you continue to practice mindfulness meditation, you will see an overall improvement in your daily concentration.
2. It reduces stress. We all know the many negative effects that stress has on the body. However, meditation helps to bring your body back to a calm state and helps it repair itself.
3. It slows the aging process. Who wouldn’t want fewer gray hairs and wrinkles! Studies have shown that meditation changes brain physiology to slow aging. Mediators are shown to have longer telomeres, which are the caps on chromosomes indicative of biological age.

By taking the time to center your thoughts through meditation, you will quickly feel relaxed and notice a difference in your mood.  Click hereto learn more about how mediation can improve your life.

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By Sydney Benjamin


Time to Slay UP! (recharge your mental energy and bring in more positive vibes to your well being).

Friday is great for meditation

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