Ladies and Gentlemen, buckle up for this isn’t just your average birthday shout-out. This is a virtual cannonade, a fanfare blasting across the universe because today, we don’t just celebrate a birthday; we celebrate a legend. Happy 70th to the Most Sparkly Mum on Earth – a diamond in a world of pebbles!

It’s an uncanny spectacle to witness a life so fiercely lived that at the age of 70, you set the bar so high, the stratosphere is jealous. While most tread lightly into their twilight years, you, a stylish maven with the élan of a Hollywood starlet, gallivant with the vitality of a timeless diva. Beauty at 70? You redefine it with every awe-inspiring, head-turning moment.

But let’s delve deeper, beyond the radiant smiles and the impeccable fashion sense. Let’s talk about the iron will, the steel resolve of a woman who’s been on the frontline in the battlefield of medicine. As a radiologist, you’ve gazed into the depths of human mystery, pieced together puzzles of health and, akin to a guardian from myth, ferreted out the ills that dared lurk unseen.

Retirement? Ha! For you, it’s merely the end of a chapter in an epic that rivals the classics. The esteemed corridors of the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital now echo with your legacy – the countless lives you’ve touched, the medical professionals you’ve mentored, and the ground-breaking advancements you’ve championed.

And yet, your superhero cape doesn’t end at the doorway of medicine; it billows with the grandeur of your benevolence. Remember the Breast Without Spot Cancer Foundation? It’s tattooed with your passion for combatting an adversary that has plagued many. We talk about the Clinical Trials Foundation, where your wisdom has lit the torch of progress in medical research. Let’s not forget the Medical Women’s Association, where you’ve stood as a titan among titans, empowering and uplifting the sisterhood of healing hands.

Faith – the cornerstone of your essence. You’ve shown us what it means to walk hand in hand with the divine, to minister and move mountains with the softest whisper of prayer. Your life is a sermon, delivered not just from the pulpit but through your every act of love, every gesture of compassion, and the moral fibre that runs through you like unbreakable celestial thread.

As we hail the spectacular marathon of your 70 years, we realize that some people don’t just live; they illuminate, they inspire, and they remain immortal in the impacts they create. Mum, as you wear this crown of 70 years, know that your kingdom of influence stretches far and wide, and your reign has been nothing short of extraordinary.

So here’s to the sparkle that never fades, to the life that always glistens. Happy Birthday to a living epiphany, a cosmic testament to grace, power, and eternal style. Keep shining, Sparkly Mum, because the universe looks to your light and whispers, “This is how to live.”

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Happy 70th to the Most Sparkly Mum on Earth – a diamond in a world of pebbles!

Today We celebrate a legend

Marriage made in heaven

Servant of God = Fulfilled Life

This is how to Live

Your Son Chris put it so well

Happy 70th Birthday, Mom! As we celebrate your special day, I want to honor the incredible journey you've led, especially your remarkable career as a doctor. Your dedication to cancer research and helping others, paired with your deep faith and love for people. You're not just a great mom; you have been an inspiration to us all. We all love you deeply and admire everything you've achieved. Now that you've stepped into retirement, we hope you'll take this chance to relax more. You've spent countless hours working hard, often at the expense of your sleep . As you approach this beautiful milestone, I wish for you to focus on getting more structured rest and taking good care of your knees. As you step into your seventh decade, we are here to support you at every step, ensuring you remain as youthful and joyful as ever. Again, wishing you a very Happy 70th Birthday. You have been incredibly loving and supportive to us all, and I am grateful to have you in my life. Enjoy your day.

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