Girls dress for themselves! If it were all about dressing for boys we’d all be working around naked!

This quote by Betsey Johnson hits home!

Do what makes you feel good first. The rest is just frosting on a cake that was already delicious to begin with.

With that said we think you’ll love this gorgeous lace dress in red or black by slay my look. This look includes a lovely hat and choker to complete the look.

Click here to get it. ( type look 02-03 in the search box to find it)

For the complete look see look 02 No 81 by slay my shoes ready to wear.

For the mint green turban click here

Fabulosity is an art!

Be unique!

Be trendy!

Be ready to shine!

Always look your best!

Always do your best!

Your style should represent you

Dress the way you wish to be treated

A Queen always commands respect

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