Gigi Hadid who hosted the AMAs made an impression of Melanie trump During the event puckering up her face to give a Melanie look and also mimicking her accent and went as far as picking up on the fact that she played copycat during the campaign with Michelle Obamas speech 😱 This was supposed to be a harmless joke, however many are not taking this as a joke and have taken offence. Gigi has written a heartfelt apology letter to the public, see below.

Oh Gigi welcome to the world of Fame, you win some you lose some. What are your thoughts? Was Gigi wrong? Leave your comments

Gigi Hadid impression of Melanie Trump?

Gigi impersonates Melanie Trump. Was it really a joke?

Gigi impersonating Melanie Trump

Was this an innocent joke. Your thoughts?

Gigi looked amazing at the AMAs

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The heartfelt apology

Gigi posted this statement of apology on her twitter page

She's so hot though we're sure she'll bounce right back

Gigi for Anna dello Russo, Vogue Japan, Luigi and Lango

Source: Instagram @gigihadid

She can't be stopped: Harper's Bazaar November issue

Gigi Wearing Karl Lagerfeld

The backlash

Source: twitter

Some peeps aint having it

These guys are taking this real personal

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