How are you surprising your man on Valentine’s Day? Yes lingerie sounds good, but you what would make his head spin is if you can out looking like this👆. Get this Gia luxury hair unit from Slay my hair to get my look and give your man the surprise of his life 😉

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The Gia Luxury hair unit

Dramatically change your look for Valentine's Day with this spectacular Gia luxury wig from Slay my hair

Can be swept to the side for a more romantic look

Another view of Gia luxury hair unit from Slay my hair.

When your hair looks this good everything is possible

Good hair days make me feel like I can rule the world. Gia luxury hair unit available now at Slay my hair.

Luxury hair for luxury women

Details of the Gia luxury wig: Full silk cap. Included Full set of mink Slay lashes and hair brush. lifespan: up to 20 years. Hair color: Burgundry. Density: 180%- Length 20-24. Dress available at Slay my look. Hair gem available at Slay my hair at

Always look your best

The Gia luxury wig from Slay my hair is truly remarkable. See for yourself. And guess what you'll be getting these exact 3D 100% Siberian mink lashes from Slay my hair along with the Gia unit. We want to ensure you look you best. This Hair Gem by Slay my hair is also available at

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