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No binding contracts

“Unlock the Billionaire’s Vault: No Contracts, Pure Gold Leads – Dominate or Die in High Net Worth Warfare!”

Listen up, hustlers, movers, and shakers of the empires of tomorrow. You’re either in the penthouse or on the pavement when it comes to securing the top-tier clientele – the ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) that can skyrocket your enterprise to stratospheric success. I’m here to tell you about the world’s BEST high net worth lead generation service that makes the road to riches lit with dollar sign streetlights!

We’re talking no binding contracts, just raw, unfettered access to a trove of opportunity. The usual bureaucratic bull you’d get elsewhere? We torched it. This is lead generation on steroids, minus the shackles.

Our database? Forget about millions – we’ve got a gold mine of contacts ready to be converted into cash flows. Email addresses? Got ‘em. Mobile numbers? Overflowing. Fax numbers for the traditional tycoons? We’re on it. PO Boxes across the affluent alleys of the UAE, Middle East, and beyond? Consider it done.

Now, build trust with an audience you’ve never met face to face? It’s like going to war – strategize or perish. This isn’t about shooting off a desperate email to potential leads hoping for a pity purchase. This is the art of seduction on a grand scale. We cultivate trust with a master’s touch, creating a symphony of personalized, interest-based content delivered with the precision of a sniper.

Guess what? Trust isn’t won in a day. But when you’ve got an arsenal of meticulously curated content hitting your mark over and over with the accuracy of a guided missile, you bet it’s only a matter of time.

Our methodology? It’s cold-blooded tracking of prospect engagement, slicing through the noise with the finesse of a seasoned samurai. We segment audiences based on a matrix of interests and needs because we play the game like chess grandmasters—always ten moves ahead.

And let’s clarify who these UHNWIs are – they aren’t your average affluent joes. We’re scooping prospects with $30 million or more in the bank. These are the big fish, and we’re your high-powered sonar.

Our dedicated team isn’t just a group of email mongers; they’re your wealth wizards, casting spells all year round to make sure we magnetize the metal—gold, silver, platinum—and it all sticks to YOU.

So, are you ready to join the elite in monetizing a database unlike any other? It’s simple – dominate or die. In the world of high-net-worth lead generation, we don’t just set the bar; we ARE the bar.

Tag your name across the skyline of success with us. Let’s not just make waves – let’s start a financial tsunami together!

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One of the biggest issues with luxury brand marketing is generating leads that convert to actual cha ching.

Without good high Networth leads your luxury business will go Kaput in no time.

Slaylebrity is a member based online luxury social magazine for high net worth Individuals. 

The luxury lifestyle  platform  is a world class magazine and social platform allowing users access to high disposable income tier 1 and 2 traffic and an avid reader base. In short, The platform offers an International barometer of refined taste.

In a world where Influencer marketing and traditional advertising are beginning to yield limited poor results Slaylebrity represents a much better alternative.

When trying to sell expensive luxurious things it is definitely more prudent to focus on platforms that focus solely on attracting users that like ultra expensive Luxurious things than a general platform. 

Slaylebrity has accomplished something no other publication or digital platform can claim – an environment dedicated heavily to reaching affluent buyers.

Slaylebrity have a goal to empower companies in the UAE, GCC , Middle East and world wide with good quality data, Business Contacts and information. We hold the most reliable and result oriented bulk database collection for ultra high net worth clientele containing millions of Email Addresses, Mobile Numbers, Fax numbers and PO Boxes ever generated in the UAE, Middle East and beyond.

What to expect

Verified only Email blast out plus access to slay club world complete VIP / HNW Database which includes:

(1 million+ contacts)

VIP Business Investors

VIP Real Estate Investors

Gold Club Memberships

Abu Dhabi HNW Property owners

Business Executives

Yacht Charter owners

VIP Indians

CEO Database

Form F – Real Estate 2020

Russian HNW

Indian Business Execs UAE


Iranian, Jordan KSA, Kuwait, Lebanese

Mumbai indian investors

Nigerian investors

Sadiyaat Island investors

Yas Island

UAE, Saudi Investors

UAE Car owners

UAE Local Database

Najm Card Holders

Nakheel Investors

OSN Platinum

Rivoli VIP

Further contacts

Al Rostamani Investment – 72,168 records

2- Beco Investment – 123,038 records

3- Eithad Airlines – 15,330 records

4- Alvexo – 60,340 records

5- Arabia Business Investors – 91,103 records

6- CEO Crypto – 33,100 records

7- Coin Liquidity Sol – 82,430 records

8- Coinsfera Exchange – 55,800 records

9- Doha Bank – 102,300 records

10- Eithad Loyal – 120,000 records

11- GoDo Fx-Broker – 65,200 records

12- Hamingway Global Cap – 90,738 records

12- IFXZ Broker – 88,300 records

13- Islamic Bank – 61,000 records

14- JML – 25,000 records

15- JML Part 2 – 48,000 records

16- Levant Capital – 55,000 records

17- Lux_Ret_Dior_Fendi_LV_Gucci – 48,000 records

18- Sarwa Finance 88,000 records

19- Standard Chartered Bank – 152,800 records

20- Swiss Bank – 113,000 contacts

21- United Arab Bank – 85,170 contacts

22- XTB (Crypto) 87,044 contacts

UAE Luxury Real estate owners in these regions

Arabian Ranches 1 2 & 3

2. Azizi Rivera

3. Bluewaters

4. Business Bay

5. Dubai Creek Harbour

6. Damac Hills 1

7. Damac Lagoons

8. Meydan (Complete)

9. Downtown

10. Dubai Hills

11. Dubai Marina

12. Emaar Beachfront

13. Emirates Living (Springs, Meadows & Emirates Hills)

14. Jumeirah Bay Island

15. Jumeirah Golf Estate

16. Jumeirah Islands

17. Jumeirah Lakes Towers

18. Jumeirah Park

19. Jumeirah Village Triangle

20. Madinat Jumeirah Living

21. Palm Jumeirah

22. Port De La Mer

23. Victory Heights

24 Sobha Hartland

25 District One

26. JVC

27. Greens

Other perks

Unlimited listing rights for 1 year on Slaylebrity worlds most elite social network

One free Slaylebrity profile SEO optimisation

1 year access to slay club world concierge

How to pay

Payments: we accept bank transfer via wise


Don’t have a wise account? Open one here

If you want to pay by bank transfer without opening a bank account contact us to request banking details pls state in your request your payment country location.

We don’t provide any previews of our services, full payment is required.

Once you make a payment contact us via live chat at or send an email to, your listing will be completed within 48 hrs of receiving your payment.

Without good high Networth leads your luxury business will go Kaput in no time.

Do You Find It Challenging To Generate high Networth Sales Leads? Do you want B2B and B2C Business contacts ? Look No Further!

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