I prefer beasts to nice yes men

What the fuck do you mean? I’m yours and will never go back.” Apart from looking completely wasted, she also looked confused.
“You will understand later, Selina.”
She drags herself up, resting on her elbows. “Oh, whatever with all your cryptic shit, more importantly, how the fuck have you not cum yet?”
Sat on the side of the bed, I chuckle. “It’s a talent, plus I wasn’t ready.”
“Oh, whatever,” she huffs. “I always make my guys cum.” she clicks her fingers. “Just like that.”
I lay back, resting like her, laughing. “You got a lot to learn, young lady.”
“More cryptic shit from the sex guru.” She starts to snigger. “I know what it is…”
She sits up. “You’re too old, I bet you can’t cum.”
I can sense my laughter is annoying her. “Show me then, come on, prove it to me.”
“I’ve got nothing to prove, Selina.” I lay back and put my hands under my head. “You’ve got to prove to me that you are good enough to make me cum.”
Her eyes turn sexy and dark, and that burning lust and hunger for my cock is back. And even though she doesn’t want to tell me or admit it, my beauty, who I have just slayed and tamed, is desperate to prove it and so thirsty for my cum.
“You wanna see how good I am?” she snaps her teeth. “I’ll fucking show you, old man.”
Oh, I like this. “Is that right?” I raise my eyes while smirking.
“Yeah.” She slowly nods while teasingly running her teeth across her bottom lip before sliding her drained body off the bed, vanishing out of sight.
She appears between my legs with a filthy, naughty grin across her face and a burning lust in her dark eyes. I am more than happy, I am fucking ecstatic with how this is turning out, and I am ready to let her blow me, make me cum and satisfy her thirst; but not yet. First, I’m going to tease her and make her even more desperate for me to cum.
I move to the edge of the bed as her hands slide up my thighs. Her eyes don’t leave the sight of my semi-hard cock, flopped across my abs as she lifts herself, showing off her lovely set of tits. Still engrossed with my cock she licks her lips while tucking her jet-black hair behind her ears.
“Why are you fucking teasing me? You know how desperate I am to make you cum.” She has gone from being the beauty who gets what she wants to a beauty who has to beg.
“It’s fun.”
She looks annoyed with herself that she’s becoming addicted to my cock. “Fuck! This never happens to me.” I feel the warmth of her breath on my balls. “I always get what I want.”
Her lips pucker up and softly kiss my heavy balls. I fall back on my elbows, making sure not to lose eye contact. “So do I, Selina!”
She swirls her long tongue over them, flickering the tip quickly to jiggle them around, before lapping her tongue underneath one, lifting it up and delicately sucking it between her pouting lips. There is no doubt she has skills, and I believed her when she said, I can make guys cum so quickly,but I am different.
As my balls slowly appear and pop from between her lips, she slides her palms to my pelvis. Moving her hands under my cock she licks her tongue slowly from my base to my tip, exploring every inch of it. I have set my beauty a challenge, and she looks determined not to lose.
That long teasing tongue of hers has my cock twitching, growing to its full size. She glides it over every ridge and vein, swirling it around, taking her time to please me. Delicately running the tip around my rim, her exquisite touch works, making my cock tingle, and I produce a precious clear dewdrop of pre-cum.
She hasn’t finished teasing me, which I love, and her tongue runs over my soft velvet head to my tip. With a quick flick, the droplet strings from tip to tip, then snaps, and she’s sexily licking her lips.
My cock is raging hard, awaiting her next move. “I’m going to suck it so good.” She blows on my shiny purple head. “And blow your mind, old man.”
Moving over my head, I watch the saliva dribble from her lips and land directly on my head. It trickles down in all directions, and she doesn’t stop coating my cock until it’s awash with saliva and all slippery and wet. “Ready? And you’re going to remember this.”
Diving between my legs, she sucks on my balls, and her tongue adds that teasing factor as it swirls around. My raging cock is not ignored, and it’s treated to a vigorous workout as both her tiny hands twist and turn their way up and down my ridged shaft. With my balls all wet and warm and with a firm grip around my base, her lips take over.
She gives it everything, going through all of her expert skills and treating me to the utmost pleasure. For an age, she sucks, licks, kisses and teases but still, I hold back from giving her what she desires from me. I watch again as her mouth stretches to its limit, and my head disappears, then slowly, every inch of it vanishes out of sight.
She has tried her hardest but lost; it is time to take over if she wants my cum that badly. The second her cute little nose presses against my body, I hold her head and fuck this beauty’s face. I don’t give her the full treatment she deserves, but just long enough for her to start gagging, then the second she chokes and splutters, I pull her off.
“Fuck me! And I’ll give you what you want!”
This beauty doesn’t hesitate and scrambles on top of me and sits her fucked pussy straight on my cock. She doesn’t know where to look as I take control and bounce her on my cock. Her nails claw my chest as I thrust my hips and slam into her as I pound her juicy ass down. The fucking I’m giving this beauty is taking her breath away, leaving her once again speechless. Her tits swing wildly about until I let go of her hips and pinch her nipples, and leave it to her to make us both cum.
She rides my cock with such style and class. Thumping her ass down on my thighs and rolling her hips, twerking faster and faster. Glistening in sweat, she bolts upright, flings back her head, and grinds on my cock. My fingers pull hard on her nipples as she leans back and starts to gyrate her hips, circling them faster and harder.
Her sexy crazy dance on my cock sends this beauty wild. Her thighs squeeze my body and her pussy contracts on my cock as she holds on tightly and her sexy body goes into this beautiful spasm. Those burning eyes full of lust glaze over and then roll. The howling moans and shuddering screams echo around the room as a tidal wave of cum floods from deep inside.
Her magic has worked, and I am not only ready, I am now as desperate to cum as she is to make me. Flipping us over, I’m out, there’s a sharp gasp and her eyes bulge at her awaiting prize. She wants to see me cum, so I made sure she does. Straddling her, I lift her head, aim my cock towards her face and load up, ready to fire.
It is instant, being so turned on by this beauty it only takes a few strokes before I let go. With a loud grunt, my cock explodes, and my thick creamy cum covers her face. It goes everywhere, splattering in her open mouth, all over her flushed cheeks, streaking across her eyes and through her hair. Then as the surge eases, it flows calmly, dripping and pooling between her tits.
I let go of her head, and as I catch my breath, she starts to giggle while wiping and licking away my cum. “Omg! You fucking beast!”
She swallows more and sucks her fingers. “Look at the fucking mess you made.” She sounds so giddy and excited.
“Well, you did ask for it.” After dragging me to the beach in that insane slay my lingerie custom resort wear !

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I prefer beasts to nice yes men

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