Everly’s heart raced as her husband’s mischievous smile hinted at an exciting proposition. He had always been captivated by her flirtatious persona, but tonight he seemed intent on pushing the boundaries of their relationship. A spark of joy ignited within her, mingling with curiosity and desire.

He was possessive and jealous and Everly loved that about him. She took every opportunity to stir up drama in hopes of a punishment. She craved the sting of his reprimand, the spark in his eyes that lit up at her infractions. It felt like a power she had over him, the ability to ignite strong emotions within him.
She checked whether Oren was watching her as she came out of the hallway that led to the ladies’ room at this bar. His eyes found her and she adjusted her dress over her hips. But she didn’t head right for her husband then. Instead, she walked over to the bar and leaned over it to get the bartender’s attention.
The way that her arms squeezed her breasts together as she leaned created a beautifully plumped cleavage on display. She liked leaving some things to the imagination, only offering a peek at what was beneath. The man next to her at the bar noticed and immediately offered to pay for her drink.
Everly checked over her shoulder to catch her husband’s stern gaze before she accepted. Her hand brushed over the front of the stranger’s shirt as she thanked him for his generosity. Barely noticing what the man had started talking to her about, she sipped her drink through the narrow straw. Her body tingled with the anticipation of Oren’s ire at her flirting.
She giggled at some amusing comment from the man at the bar, cocking her head to the side to give him the illusion of her interest and attention. She had only a vague idea of what he was actually talking about. There must have been an introduction made, but she did not catch his name.
Her eyes flicked to Oren once more and she could almost hear his teeth grinding in the way that his jaw was set. Excusing herself and thanking the man at the bar for the drink once more, she made her way back to her husband who had already stood up, getting ready to leave.
“You are going to fucking pay for that,” he growled into her ear as she approached him. He took the drink out of her hand and set it on the table before his hand landed on the small of her back, guiding her towards the door.

A mischievous glint danced in his eyes as he led her out of the elegant bar and into the dimly lit hallway to their super expensive car. Everly’s breath quickened with every step, feeling the adrenaline coursing through her veins. What secrets would they unveil tonight? What were her husband’s intentions behind this game?

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