Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” 

Think of monumental events like weddings, where if you serve bad food everyone remembers falling ill or going home hungry but if you serve good food, no one really remembers what they ate but the memory they forever possess is that they enjoyed your wedding.

The way we dress communicates a lot about us, the same way our body language does. Take some time to think through anything you are going to wear.

Tips to dress impeccably

Often I find that people do not know their bodies. By that I mean they have not taken the time to analyse their bodies in a mirror and know what they need to wear that accentuates their best bits while  camouflaging their worst bits. When you dress you want to put your best foot forward.

Know what you want to communicate
Know what message you want to put across when people meet you. use your hair or accessories to express yourself. Failing to do that, make sure you go all out after work or during the weekends.

Trends are great for the less creative. If you do not know what to wear you can just follow a trend. Just because “everyone” is wearing something does not mean you should just jump onto that bandwagon blindly. Does the trend suit you? It is futile to wear something because it is what’s in at the moment and look foolish while at it. It is more than ok to let a trend pass you by. If you feel you want to follow a trend, personalise it.

If coming up with your own style is not your forte, just find someone whose style you appreciate and copy it. As your confidence grows you can add your personal panache and before you know it, you have your own style. The Slay Network is the best place for ideas on how to wear certain items of clothing, so visit us often and it should keep your fashion sense alive.

Confidence makes anyone look good. Even if your clothes are somewhat “iffy”, wearing them with confidence detracts attention from the clothes to yourself. Wearing an impeccable outfit makes you unforgettable. No one will remember the dress or suit.

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Be unforgettable

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