When you have 5.5 million Instagram followers and sport a shiny left hand ring the world notices.

So today, we’re answering the question on the mind of every diehard Rezy Rider’s mind: “What are the deets on that stunning ring?”
For those who don’t know, Amra “Amrezy” Olevic is a Brooklyn native who became famous for her makeup artistry, especially her collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills, and her glamorous fashion posts on her Instagram.
On July 11, 2017, she announced her engagement to her long-time boyfriend Leonardo. Within 30 minutes, her short video clip had over 2 thousand views and more than 6 thousand comments. The world was hypnotized by a pear-shaped diamond – and we all fell in love with the ring!


First and foremost, let’s talk carats. We can’t evaluate the exact carat weight from the video alone, but we can tell you that this baby is at least four carats. And that’s just the center stone.
Amrezy’s engagement ring is a pear-shaped diamond with a halo of diamonds surrounding the center stone. If you can believe it, the halo makes the center diamond appear even larger than it is.


There are many of factors that go into pricing a diamond ring, so we can only estimate a range. For example, if her diamond is near flawless, meaning there are almost no inclusions, it would likely cost more than one with more flaws. Color and cut are also factors that can affect a diamond’s overall price.
In order to assign a true value to her ring, we would need to do an in-person evaluation. But based on sight and all possible combinations of the 4Cs, we can estimate that Amrezy’s ring retailed for anywhere between $75,000, and $500,000.
That’s right. If you want a near-exact replica of Amrezy’s engagement ring for your own right hand, your fiancé will need to drop a minimum of $75 grand.

By Bahdos

The gorgeous ring

Want her look?

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