Ellen and Nicole Kidman

Ellen and Nicole Kidman try to learn cooking skills from Giada de Laurentils

Attention all lovers of shade: what was (presumably) supposed to be an informative cooking segment on The Ellen Show today turned into the shadiest, most uncomfortable and wonderful thing you’ll watch all week.
While visiting the show, Nicole Kidman somehow got looped into appearing in a cooking segment with celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis, resulting in a truly iconic Oscar-worthy performance.

It all started off with a recipe for risotto balls (as most things do) that went south pretty fast. Short on time, Giada tried to rush Ellen and Nicole through the cooking process but neither one of them was really feeling it. And because no risotto balls cooking session is complete without several terrible “balls” jokes, the celebrity chef took the opportunity for some one-liners, much to the dismay of Kidman.

Giada was the first to throw some shade Nicole’s way when the actress didn’t start rolling her risotto balls immediately, “Nicole have you made meatballs or anything?” To which we got this incredible eye-roll moment from the actress:

But several eye-rolls and subtle jabs later, Kidman emerged as the ultimate shade master when it came time to test Giada’s pre-made pizza. After taking a bite, the actress simply commented, “It’s a little tough…” before putting the pizza back down and giving us another award-winning eye roll:

“I know you’re not meant to criticize but..it’s a little tough,” Kidman added before physically removing the bite of pizza from her mouth.

“Nicole, it’s been sitting there for like five hours! I hate doing these things!” Giada yelled.

Now this is a cooking show I would watch.

Watch the full segment in all six minutes of its uncomfortable glory below:

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Things didn't go as planned on this 'Ellen' segment...

Ellen and Nicole Kidman

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