Elena Wang is a Montreal based/ European inspired fashion brand for the woman who needs it to work without fuss.

Red and black winter look

We love the way red and black look together, it's both mysterious and classic all at the same time. This tunic and scarf look by Elena Wang is perfect because you don't need to worry about coordination.

Source: Elena Wang

The perfect black and white work wear

We are loving this piece that elevates the standard black pants and blouse. This classic windowpane cardigan is 100% what you need to make a great impression the minute you walk into that meeting

Source: Elena Wang

That Statement jacket

Friday night drinks are a must, but wearing a standard jacket is optional. Statement jackets are a must have for any wardrobe for easy styling options.

Source: Elena Wang

Stylish Poncho style top

Treat yourself to this stylish poncho style top that is sure to become a favorite. Available in classic black and white or modern red and black.

Source: Elena wang

Fall in love with fashion again

Elena Wang collection- delightful cocktail dresses and pullovers to die for!

Source: Elena Wang

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