We are terribly obsessed with sparkle. And we think you should be too.
Incorporate some diva-level sparkle into your own look with these nine ~*EsSenTiaL*~ sparkle styling tips.

1. A higher neckline will help keep your short, all-over-sparkle dress on the sophisticated side of sexy. Avoid sparkle overload by finishing your look with simple, black accessories

Carly Cardellino, beauty editor, Cosmopolitan.com: “I’m not that into jewelry, so wearing a higher, sparkly neckline allows me to look party-ready without having to put on a statement necklace or dangling earrings.”

2. A glittery metallic jacket, worn on the shoulders, is stylish and edgy — a great option for those looking to add a little sparkle to their outfits while avoiding the potentially Golden Girls-in-Atlantic City-esque look of sequined outerwear. Not that there’s anything wrong with dressing like the Golden Girls, who were true style stars of the highest order.

Charlotte Palermino, manager of advertising strategies and solutions, Cosmopolitan.com: “Sparkle always makes me feel very Beyoncé.

3. Use sparkly accents to help direct the eye where you want it to go. A shiny, beaded waistband or belt is great for emphasizing your curves and is a guaranteed attitude-booster.

4. Patent leather is great for adding some sequin-free shine to your nighttime look, not that shine-deficiency is much of an issue when your name is Elisa Benson and your hair is essentially made of spun gold.

Elisa Benson, senior community manager, Cosmopolitan.com: “Sparkle and shine let everyone know you’re in the business of fun, and I always like to be the most fun person in the room.”

5. Amp up a sleek all-black outfit with shiny metallic shoes or a mirrored clutch. Some accessories are just too good not to be the star of your outfit (next to you, obviously).

6. Darker metallics and more matte finishes make all-over sequins plus exposed skin feel cool without being overly sexy, especially when you add a little black leather into the mix.

7. Jewelry is by far the easiest way to add sparkle to any look. Draw attention to your face with a shiny metallic necklace or big, glittering earrings.

Bryn Poulos, publicist, Giuseppe Zanotti: “Sparkle always makes me feel festive, but I like to wear tasteful sparkle at night. For me, it’s all about jewelry, but your bags and shoes can be jewelry too!”

8. A shiny, metallic print is a great way to wear sparkle without the added weight of embellishments — perfect for those hot summer nights when you want to be wearing as little as humanly possible.

Emma Barker, sex and relationships editor, Cosmopolitan.com: “I felt genuinely amazing. I don’t wear a lot of makeup or really anything that glitters, but I GET IT now.

9. High necklines feel a whole lot sexier with sequins and nude fabrics, even if the color isn’t a perfect match to your own skin

By Cosmopolitan

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