When we are growing, most girls dream of marrying a prince one day, that will whisk her off to his castle and make all the troubles disappear like magic.

When I was growing we dreamt but we all sort of knew in the back of our minds that it was only a dream because Royalty will never marry a commoner right?

Well yesterday I found myself giddy with excitement at the news of Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle and what it means for all the girls out there still dreaming of fairies and castles, who knew? Dreams do infact come true!

And now, allow me to dream of my slay bambini getting married to Prince Harry’s future little one.

By Adaobi Ebozue

The little prince and his classy Ma

Source: By Allure

But not to worry now, my little princess still has a chance

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Raise your hand if you are even more jealous of Meghan Markle after watching this

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