When things don’t workout as planned dust yourself off and try again! Don’t spend time moaning about your failure it will only drag you down further. There’s no limit to what a man/ woman can accomplish with a determined and focused mind. Don’t let events stop you from getting to where you want to be. The ball is ALWAYS in your own court.

A great example of the power of positive thinking and perseverance is Linda Ikeji. She built up a powerful social media blog known as Lindaikeji.com, just recently she launched Linda Ikeji social. All this after some spectacular downfalls and failures. Failure is just a learning event never see it as the end of the road. In fact it can be considered as a right of passage to success. See her stories and pictures below.

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Linda Ikeji in full designer get up!

This is her caption for this Instagram post: "Dear young ladies nothing beats having your own money. There's no limit to the things you can do for yourself and others. Start young, work hard believe in yourself and stay focused!

Source: Instagram @officiallindaikeji

Linda participating in a Beauty Pageant

This is her caption for this: "This is me participating at the 2003 Miss Nigeria pageant. I desperately wanted to win because I believed I could use the platform to achieve my other dreams.. But I didn't even make Top 10 & I remember thinking it was the end of everything I had planned for my future. I felt like a failure for weeks following the pageant. I was mostly in a daze, wondering what to do next. I thought being Miss Nigeria was the best thing that could happen to me. If only I knew that God had better plans for me. Because you see, If I had won that pageant, I never would have 3 years later thought of starting a gossip blog. I probably would have thought it was beneath me as a former queen....lol. You see, sometimes some of the most amazing blessings happen when things don't turn out the way we hoped it would. We think it's the end when it's just a bend leading us through the right path. You have to trust that God knows what he's doing in your life. Trust him and trust your journey. All the best.

Linda chilling on her new mansion

You can succeed if you put your mind to it

Linda at her mega mansion

All from her hard work and determination. Her caption to this: " you don't have to marry a billionaire to live in a mansion, if you work hard you can buy one yourself.

Her massive bathroom

Her living room

Her second living room

After being nearly homeless- press on, never give up.

Linda launches Ikeji Music

You can achieve your dreams don't let anyone tell you otherwise

CNN features Linda Ikeji Social

She made it -YOU CAN too

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