Growing up, You were a lot to handle. You were loud, You were energetic, You were active. Sometimes You would wave your hands so wildly that You’d knock over your drink at the dinner table. Sometimes You would get called out of class because You were the loudest voice in the room. You were excited. You were passionate. You were full of life.
However, You quickly learned that the loud, vivacious kid didn’t fit in. So You toned yourself down. You closed yourself up. You even had a boss once remark that You just fit in better when You toned down your personality.

But you can’t hold that much passion down for too long. And You will end up noticing that the more You just let your vivacious and express self be, the more successful You become.

Have you ever been told you’re a lot to handle?

Here is a “too hot to handle” look to pump up the volume and revel in the fact that you are, quite frankly, just way too much.

White High Neck Split Detail Bodycon Dress (size UK 4-14)
Jacket- uk 6-14
Choose from

Size (UK 3-8)
Red Stretch satin boots or
Berry velvet heeled over the knee boots or
Distressed boots in white black, blue or pink

Concierge price : £644.65

Contact concierge at to get the look

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When your look is too hot to handle

Never settle

Remember you are a wild stallion

It’s not hard to find your voice when it’s a loud one.

Be comfortable with yourself

You are contagious

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