I’ll be the death of you promise…

You’re a billionaire man, and you’ve invited me to your luxurious lake house for the weekend. I arrive, dressed in my sexy black custom lingerie from slay my lingerie, ready to take on whatever you have in mind. As soon as we arrive, you take me to your bedroom, and I eagerly follow you inside.

“Take off your clothes,” you command, and I quickly shed my lingerie, revealing my naked body for you. You approach me, running your hands over my body, taking in every curve and contour. Your eyes sparkle with desire as you kiss me deeply, and I can feel your hands on my breasts, pinching and teasing my nipples.

You lead me to the bed, and you lay down next to me. I straddle you, feeling your hard dick beneath me. You groan as I ride you, taking in your body and the pleasure you were giving me. Your hands gripped my hips, forcing me down harder and harder, and I felt myself orgasm, dripping with cum all over your cock.

“Wow, that was incredible,” I moaned, as you pulled me closer and kissed me deeply once more. I could feel your breath on my lips, and I knew that this was only the beginning. You flipped me over, taking me from behind, and I could feel your hands on my hips, pushing me deeper into you. I gasped as you thrust into me, filling me up with your cock and taking me to another orgasm.

You pulled me off of you, and I sat back, panting and sweating. You smiled at me, and I knew that I was in for another round. This time, you took me to your outdoor pool, where you pushed me up against the wall and started fucking me from behind. I moaned loudly as you took me deeper and deeper, until I felt myself squirting all over your cock.

You pulled me off of you, and I sat back, red-faced and gasping for air. “I can’t believe how good that was,” I said, as you smiled at me. “What else do you have in mind?”

You took me back to your bedroom, where you tied me up to the bed. I couldn’t help but shiver with anticipation as you approached me, your hard cock in hand. You pressed it against my lips, and I took it in my mouth, feeling the texture of your skin and the taste of your precum. You fucked me slowly, taking me to another orgasm, this time a more intense one than before.

As you stood up, you smiled at me and said, “That was my last orgasm for the night. But I know I can give you one more.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. You grabbed my ankles and pulled me off of the bed, dragging me towards the door. We walked outside, and you pushed me up against a tree.

“This is my surprise for you,” you said, as you grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to you. I could feel your hard cock against my ass, and I knew that this was it. You pressed yourself against me, and I felt myself cum again, this time all over the grass at your feet.

“Wow, that was incredible,” I moaned, as you untied me and helped me to my feet. “I can’t believe I just had four orgasms in one day.” You smiled at me, and I knew that I was going to have to do this again. I couldn’t wait to see what other surprises you had in store for me.

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I’ll be the death of you promise…

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