We love this sexy unconventional biker Chic look from slay my look.

Elevate your getup in this sleeveless cutout blazer paired with black shorts.

This look conveys a carefree cool girl vibe.

Created for women that are not afraid to get on a bike and enjoy the ride.

Blazer colors: lime green, pink and black
Shorts: black

Size: S-L or UK 6-12

Click here to get it or Contact concierge at sales@saynetwork.co.uk or Skype slaynetwork for assistance and alternative billing options.

Hot concierge style tip

You can’t be a real biker girl without the appropriate shades, We recommend red aliens, Red illuminators or Volcano panther by slay my shades

Every sexy biker girl Needs thigh high booties, click here to get one (search for no 25 or no 10)

Lastly you definitely need bouncy hair, checkout the edgy Aurora or opt for the long Diana by slay my hair.

Cool girls sit, bad bitches ride

The only thing better than a street bike is a woman riding one

Forget glass slippers this princess wears motorcycle boots

The best memories begin with the most insane ideas

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can't do

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