Do not inhale the smoke. Trust me, you won’t like it. Allow the smoke to fill your mouth, taste it and blow it out. Continue to puff and rotate your cigar every once in a while. If you smoke it too fast, your cigar will burn fast and ruin the flavor. If you smoke it too slow, you’ll have to continually relight it. Flick the ashes once they’re down to about half an inch.

You may also want to choose a drink to accompany your cigar. Although I’ll always recommend whiskey – Scotch is the preferred whisky among cigar smokers – coffee drinks, martinis and Indian Pale Ales pair well with the full flavor of your cigar as well.

Once you’ve picked out your preferred cigar, pour your favorite drink and put on some relaxing music.

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Health problems aside, cigar smoking can be an extremely tranquil way to pass the time.

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