Being a fashion designer is more than just imagining things in your head and sewing them together. There’s an entire art and design process behind making ideas come to life on a runway. Many designers sketch or paint while others believe creating fashion collages is the way to put ideas onto paper (or digitally)

Whether it’s tearing out your favorite fabric swatches from your local craft store’s books or cutting out images with your favorite models on it, you can take inspiration from anywhere and put it together creatively to have your ideas come to life. Even if you aren’t a designer, you can make collages too. Many artists even base their entire career off of collaging.

To that end checkout this cool fashion collage from slay my art.


Size: 2 meters long ( large piece)
Price: $2033.94

Includes complimentary VIP worldwide shipping
Delivery within 21 working days.

Click here to get it or contact concierge at for assistance and other billing options

Charm is a glow within a woman that casts a most becoming light on others

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