As women of color know, there is a wide range of African American skin tones, each with their own unique coloring. In today’s market, there is also a variety of makeup colors available that can enhance and complement each unique woman’s tone and allow her to always look her best.

African American women who fall on the warm end of the spectrum will look fantastic in these colors:
* Peach
* Gold
* Bronze
* Orange red
* Brown

If you have more of a cool complexion, stick to:
* Blue
* Purple
* Silver
* Pink
* Blue red
If your skin is very dark and you’ve always shied away from deep lipstick colors, you don’t have to. You can also try a neutral look with a lip color that closely matches your skin and top it with a light coat of clear gloss.
With neutral lips, you can put the makeup focus on your eyes. Women with cool complexions can wear silver or charcoal eye shadow, while warm women can sport bronze eye color and a couple of coats of deep black mascara for maximum impact.

A small tint of blush can bring instant life to dark skin. Look for deep and rich colors that also share the same hues as your lipstick. Apply a small hint of color during the day, adding more for the evening. Frosty colors can add glamor on dark skin for a special event. If you prefer, consider using bronzers, to achieve a dewey look.


For eye makeup, nearly any color can complement an African American woman. Tips include:
* Jewel tones such as purple and emerald green look great against dark skin.
* Gold and bronze shimmering eye colors will work well if you have warmer undertones to the skin, or lighter colored eyes.
* Blues and greys will really make darker eyes pop and will complement cool-toned skin.
* If you really want your eyes to pop, try using a blue mascara on the tips of your lashes, as it complements darker skin tones.
With all eye colors, eyeliner and mascara is a must.

The best shades of lipstick for African American skin tones will depend on the undertone. In general, however, the darker your complexion, the more easily you can pull off richer or more saturated colors. A range of shades, from pink to red to brown, can look gorgeous.

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