What can we say! It’s women’s day and Slaylebrity Brody Jenner knows a thing or two about protecting women.

Men of the world, take note: It’s not a good idea to mess with Kendall Jenner.
In a new clip from the next episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kendall, 18, and her half-brother Brody Jenner are in Thailand on a family vacation. The up-and-coming model is standing by Brody, 30, as he orders a round of drinks at a bar. 

While Brody is speaking to the bartender, a man sitting on a nearby stool gives Kendall some unwanted attention, groping her butt without warning. She immediately moves away from the man, exclaiming, “Excuse me!”

“Brody, that guy just touched my ass,” she explains. “That guy just grabbed my ass.” 

Bruce Jenner’s son does not take the news lightly, turning to approach the groper and reprimand him. Brody whips his head around, confronting the man as he says, “Did you just f–king touch my sister?” 

The man denies the incident but Brody pushes further, asking, “Are you f–king kidding me, bro?” and knocking the man’s sunglasses off of his head. 

Watch the clip below

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Happy women’s day Ladies

Lesson: Do not mess with Brody Jenner's Sister

Watch Brody teach the man who grabbed Kendall's butt a lesson

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