Boardman is a city in Morrow County, Oregon, United States on the Columbia River and Interstate 84. As of the 2010 census the population was 3,220.

Boardman was homesteaded in 1903, by Samuel Herbert Boardman,[9] the first superintendent of the Oregon State Parks System.[10] Boardman and his wife worked for 13 years to develop irrigation for their land; during those years his wife taught school, and Boardman at times worked on railroad construction projects.

Sam Boardman was the first Superintendent of the Oregon State Parks System, as well as the creator of the “rest stop” after he began planting trees to make little parks where travelers could stop and rest in the shade along the country’s first highway. The very first rest stop building is located in a mini park area
just off the Interstate for all to appreciate.

Visit Boardman for hunting, fishing, various water sports, and unique views of the Columbia River along our paved walking trails. We are sure you will want to come go back again and again.

There is nothing more beautiful than nature.

Look at that perfect alingnment

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