I don’t stop till I get to pleasure planet

“Wait, let me catch my breath.” I was winded, my voice barely audible, but it had its effect. The fingers inside my soaked pussy stopped wiggling. The tongue which was latched onto my nipple stopped swirling. I still felt the pressure of two of Cindy’s fingers on my clit but they too were motionless.

I looked upwards into Cindy’s appetizing crotch, marveling at how the white droplets anointing her pussy lips stood out in contrast to her gorgeous cinnamon skin.

Today was my birthday. My 30th birthday. Most people celebrate this milestone with a fancy meal or a trip to an exotic resort. Not me. My husband Rob knew when he asked what I wanted for my birthday, that I would respond with one word: “Orgasms.” It was up to him to figure out how they would occur and he did not disappoint.

The day began like most days. Rob woke me up with gentle strokes of my breasts and stomach while his cock twitched against my bottom, signaling his cock was waking up as well.

“Mmm,” I purred as his hand traveled closer to my sex. We were both laying on our sides in the spooning position. I wriggled my butt to signal my consent to what was about to occur. My pussy began moistening as Rob pinched my nipple with his left hand and pinched the skin around my clit with his right. Good boy, he knew better than to directly attack my hidden nub until it was ready to come out and play. I felt my breath quicken. I rolled toward him, allowing greater access to my naked body, wrapped my arms around his neck, and pulled him in for a kiss.

“Happy birthday, love!” he said when the kiss broke. His lips brushed my ear before nibbling on my neck. My eyes closed as I let my arousal take over, mentally following the trail his lips left as he moved closer to my bosom. I felt his cock brush against my hand and instinctively wrapped my fingers around his still-growing girth. He allowed me a moment to feel his need throb in my grip before moving my hand away.

“Not now, this is your birthday, it’s time for your first gift.” His fingers slid through my folds, spreading my arousal over my sensitive skin. At the same time, his mouth closed softly over my nipple. I felt a shiver spread through me. He knew my responses better than I did and soon had my body twitching wildly as he fingered and licked me to my first birthday orgasm.

When my orgasm subsided, I reached for his now fully erect cock, intending to return the favor; but again, he stopped me. “Not now, Kel, we have a lot of things planned, go get in the shower, I will get your clothes ready.”

I felt my face flush with arousal. It is so hot when Rob picks out what I wear. I love the surprise. Of course, there have been a few times I had to veto his choice, but his skills have improved over time. Reluctantly, I jumped into the shower, torn between giving myself a present and hurrying to see what Rob had in store. I chose the latter, knowing my pussy would be getting plenty of action later.

About 45 minutes later, I was clean and dry, and my hair was blown and styled. I put on light makeup since I had no idea what our next stop would be. It wouldn’t take me long to find out.

To my surprise, Rob had chosen a cute sundress, light blue with a wide floral pattern. The hemline came to just above the knee. I had expected something short and cleavage showing. I loved this dress. He didn’t let me down on the undergarments either because there weren’t any, both of our preferred attire. He did let me pick out the shoes. As we walked to the garage, I noticed he had an overnight bag.

“Just some things I packed we might need later. Now let’s go.”

Although he refused to tell me where we were headed, I knew when we crossed the Bay Bridge. He was taking me to my happy place, wine country. We were blessed with very little traffic and arrived at our St. Helena winery in just over 90 minutes. I call it “our” winery because we are wine club members there. Also, we served their wine at our wedding with cute little Kelly and Rob labels. Upon arrival, we immediately headed to the basement wine club room. There were a handful of club members engaged in levity around the oval bar in the center of the room. Rob ordered us glasses of Muscat and we sat on barrel-shaped stools, facing each other.

Rob placed a hand on my knee, slowly creeping it under my skirt as we sipped our wine. He deftly dodged my questions about the plans for the day. The room was decorated with stone cubbyholes holding wine bottles. The walls were designed with faux stone patterns and wooden barrels littered the floor. Something about this place always turned me on.

I felt Rob’s hand press against my mound.

“Someone is warm and wet,” he whispered as he leaned in to nibble on my earlobe. His fingers slid between my folds with a quiet squish. My eyes closed and I focused on the feelings between my thighs, trying hard not to give the nearby patrons an idea of what we were doing. As I felt my desire rise, Rob slipped his fingers from my pussy. The disappointed sound which escaped my lips seemed to echo in the cave, though no one seemed to notice. Rob turned toward the bartender to refresh our drinks, wiping his glistening fingers on a cocktail napkin.

Suddenly, a pair of distinctly feminine hands covered my eyes. “Surprise!” It was our friend Cindy and her husband Joel. Cindy was my best friend from college but also my polar opposite. My hair was brown, hers was blonde. Mine shoulder length and curly, hers straight down to her ass. My breasts, pear-shaped B cups, her natural globes at least a D. I was 5’2, she was 5’8. Her husband Joel was a dead ringer for Ryan Gosling but taller. Rob, on the other hand, is more like Ryan Reynolds but shorter. They had become our best couple friends since they relocated to the bay area from Texas.

Cindy spun me around on the stool and stood between my legs. She gave me a once-over with her eyes. A knowing look formed. She grabbed my hand and guided me behind a metal gate leading into the wine cellar. It was a private tasting room that was rarely used during business hours, though guests were allowed to explore if it wasn’t too busy.

With a singular purpose, Cindy led me to a tall barrel and sat me on top. My breasts were now even with her face. Unabashedly, she pulled the top of my dress off my shoulder until my right breast popped free, to be caught by her mouth. A sudden intake of breath as her fingers found my cunt. We both knew we couldn’t be here long without a staff member checking on us so she moved quickly. Her fingers flew in and out of my pussy as she passionately swirled her tongue around my nipple. I sat there, fighting the urge to scream with pleasure. It took only a few minutes before my pussy clenched on her digits, forcing them out of me. She stifled my sounds with her free hand, which was hot as fuck.

Returning to the guys, I tried not to feel like everyone was staring. Cindy fed her cum soaked fingers to Joel while Rob just held me, knowing my second orgasm had occurred.

After a few more glasses of wine to cool down, Joel, who doesn’t drink, drove us to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We were staying at the Lodge, a romantic hotel in Sonoma. Rob had reserved a Premier one-bedroom Suite which connected to a second room and a living room. Cindy and Joel went to the second room to put away their things.

“Take off your dress, Kel!”

“Oh, did you pick out another outfit for me?”

Rob stayed silent. I shimmied out of the dress.

“Lay on your back on the bed.” The bed was a king bed with a loveseat bench at the end. As soon as I was down, Rob took out red silk ties and proceeded to secure me to the bed.

“What’s going on, love?” Rob rarely used restraints, knowing I would follow whatever he commanded.

“I just want to make sure you focus on your orgasms, not trying to get me off. You were getting a little handsy this morning!” He winked as he tightened the silk around my ankle. I had room to move but not much. I felt my pussy juices leaking down toward my bottom. This was going to be fun.

“But Cindy and Joel will hear us!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that!” Rob said, nearly simultaneously with my blonde friend bouncing into the room through the door.

“I see our subject is ready!” As she spoke she ran her nails from my ankle, over my thighs, hips, and breasts until she wrapped her hand around my throat and kissed me hard on the lips. The next thing I knew, I had a mouth on each foot, sucking on my toes. Bob knows my feet are sensitive. I don’t even allow masseuses to rub them anymore because I have nearly climaxed from foot stimulation. The sensation of Cindy’s lips and the men suckling was swiftly bringing me to the edge.

Cindy’s hand began tracing patterns down my torso, carefully teasing, but not directly stimulating my breasts and pelvis. The men began rubbing and kissing their way all too slowly up my calves. I squealed as a wave of pleasure rushed through me. Cindy’s lips replaced her hand around my neck, working her way toward my left nipple. Only Cindy knew my left nipple turned me on more than my right. I hadn’t even mentioned it to Rob since he always gave equal time to both.

“Arrrrgh!” I moaned as she reached her destination, expertly biting the nub and stretching it taut before her tongue swirled at its base. Her hands were on my thighs, squeezing my flesh as she teased her way. My pussy was flooding now, my arousal hung thick in the air.

Cindy’s hands reached my pussy just in time to spread it wide for Joel’s tongue. I squealed. Joel had licked me once before, the first time we hooked up with our friends. His tongue felt different than Bob’s, rougher and less confident, but I was already near the edge. I was certain the wind would have made me come if it blew on my clit.

My hips lifted off the bed when I climaxed. It wasn’t a fairytale explosion; rather it felt like a warm wave slowly lapping at my cunt and covering my body with arousal.

Cindy’s finger knowingly stroked my clit through my hood. I was already slick and erect but damn that girl enjoyed teasing me. I started to remember the first time she taught me about female lust when we were roommates but my mind couldn’t focus as I felt something slick and cold teasing the opening to my anus.

“Oh god, Bob, you brought the nnnnnn…” My words were cut short as the silver vibrating butt plug entered into me. Bob must have brought it in the bag along with a large amount of lube because it eased in with barely any resistance.

Joel’s fingers slid past my folds into my core and began massaging the thick tissue on my upper cunt. Bob must have told him where to go because, after a few seconds of feeling like I was going to urinate, I suddenly felt a surge of pleasure. Cindy must have sensed it because she slid her wet fingers under my hood and began frigging my clit with wild abandon. For effect, she spit on my pussy though I was so wet, it wasn’t necessary.

“Fuck yes,” I yelled, overwhelmed by the multiple sensations. Rob stood at the side of the bed close to my head and began sucking the breast Cindy wasn’t working on. Joel began lapping at my clit and plunging three fingers inside me. The last thing I remember before my orgasm hit was Cindy straddling my face as she leaned forward and somehow managed to join her tongue with Joel’s, sandwiching my clit between them.

“FUUUUCK!” My body began to shudder as my mind went blank. All I felt for what Rob later told me was three minutes, was my body wrapped in pure pleasure.

When I finally re-entered reality, I exclaimed, “Wait, let me catch my breath.” I was winded, my voice barely audible, but it had its effect. The fingers inside my soaked pussy stopped wiggling. The tongue which was latched onto my nipple stopped swirling. I still felt the pressure of two of Cindy’s fingers on my clit but they too were motionless.

Rob stood next to me, looking up from my breast. We remained motionless for another minute, my chest heaving. Rob fed me some water, although some of it splashed onto my chin and neck. It isn’t easy to drink when you are tied to a bed.

Rob asked, “Are you ok?” I was. More than ok. But the day of orgasms had brought out a primal wild side I seldom let out. With lust burning in my eyes, I looked at Rob.

“You. Untie my hands and then fuck me, now.”

I looked toward the juncture between my legs. “You,” I said, hoping Joel knew I meant him. “Give Cindy something to suck on.”

As soon as my hands were free, I pulled Cindy’s dripping pussy down to my face, devouring her lust with passion. I heard her give a muffled squeal and I knew Joel had complied with my direction. When Rob entered me after propping my ass up with a few pillows, I moaned into Cindy’s cunt, hoping the three of them would climax before I did.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








I don’t stop till I get to pleasure planet

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