TikTok has introduced the world to a whole new generation of influencers. For a lot of creators, their fame kind of came out of nowhere. Take Bella Poarch, for example. Poarch is the TikToker who has the most-liked video on the app, according to Yahoo. The video features Poarch simply lip-syncing to the song “M to the B” by Millie B, while nodding her head and making adorable faces. It’s so simple that many people have questioned why the video has so many likes, but that hasn’t stopped Poarch’s star from rising. 

TikTok star Bella Poarch has experienced a meteoric rise to fame. Her story demonstrates that anyone can make it big, and it may not take long at all. 

As of right now, Poarch has over 90 million followers and billions of likes (via TikTok). The “M to the B” video that made Poarch a TikTok star now has over 50 million likes. You would think that with so many likes and followers, she would have a pretty impressive bank account to back it up. But according to Celebs Life Reel, Poarch only has an estimated net worth of $200,000 to $300,000. 

While that number is still pretty impressive, especially for a 24-year-old, it is nowhere near the $8 million net worth that Charli D’Amelio is estimated to have (via Celebrity Net Worth) and the $5 million net worth that Addison Rae has (via Celebrity Net Worth). One of the reasons for that might be due to the controversies surrounding Poarch. According to Distractify, the TikToker received some backlash after some racist comments were allegedly found on an old Facebook post. 

There was also some drama surrounding a tattoo Poarch had on her arm that some people claimed to be racist as well. She later had the tattoo in question covered up, and apologized to fans (via PopBuzz). Along with the accusations of racism, Poarch has also been criticized for doing the bare minimum in her viral videos. All of this could be why the TikToker hasn’t been getting as many brand deals and sponsorships as fellow creators like Charli and Addison Rae. However, according to Insider, Poarch only started posting on TikTok in April of 2020, so she still has some time to catch up.

According to Insider, Poarch joined TikTok in April of 2020, and by that August, she was going viral with her “M to the B” lip-syncing video. Since then, her “hypnotizing head-bobbing video,” as Vox puts it, has been liked over 50 million times and viewed more than half a billion times. A little creativity shot Bella Poarch to the top echelon of TikTok stars in a matter of months, and it’s amazing to see her transformation from a normal girl to a celebrity

But much of her past remains a mystery to fans. The short videos she posts online show a pretty, young woman doing viral dances and lip-syncing to popular songs, but just looking at the face in front of the camera doesn’t tell us who she truly is. This is what most people don’t know about her.

LADbible reports that Bella Poarch was born in the Philippines on February 8, 1997. She told interviewers for the “H3 Podcast” that she was raised by her grandmother “in the slums” until she was 3, when she was adopted by an American expat and his wife. Poarch explained that for the next 10 years, she spent much of her time working on the family farm and doing chores. Asked what her days were like, she described the experience by saying, “It was very hard because I had to wake up at 4 in the morning … Sometimes I’d have to wake up at 3 if I wanted to get to school in time, because in the Philippines school starts at like 6:30.” That is certainly not the typical childhood for most rising stars.

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