Slaylebrity is offering $10,000 one month contract to be the face of slay Network.

Slay Network announced on Instagram they’re taking applications for what they call the “Best Job on the Planet,” a position that pays $10,000 for one month to represent both Slaylebrity and Slay Network and receive the most prestigious items from Slay Billionaire.

It’s only a one month position, but you’re expected to promote the lifestyle brand via your own profile page on Slaylebrity, the slay angels Instagram page and your personal Instagram page.

Anyway, like all the other amazing, incredible, Instagrammable dream jobs available of late, you have to be social media savvy, a storyteller, and a legal adult with a valid passport to be considered.
Application deadline is May 18, May the odds be ever in your favor.

Full Details of the job from Slay Network

What a busy week over here at #Slaylebrity! #TheBestJobOnThePlanet has caused mega buzz on social media.

TO APPLY: You need to create a 1 minute video and short article describing why you are the best candidate for the position by May 20th – We love to see creativity!

Below is the full job description, including answers to popular questions that have been asked. We will continue to answer any questions that have not been answered in the job description or the Q&A, and we appreciate your patience with response times.
Upgrade your online profile by becoming an official Rep for the worlds most elite social network. As a candidate you will be upgraded to black membership on Slaylebrity for one year which will allow you to share your content just like you do on your blog and Instagram and also receive 15% discount on all slay network items for a period of one year. The job is a short term one month contract which Pays $10,000 plus the winning candidate will receive a choice of two items from slay billionaire ( choice includes one slay python/crocodile bag, and one slay python/crocodile iPhone, iPad or watch) Becoming the face of the slay network and Slaylebrity will certainly catapult your personal brand profile.

Must be fluent in English
Must have the ability to understand and appreciate luxury and share your experiences with the world via blogging and vlogging along with other social media outlets.
Excellent writing skills
Candidate can be located anywhere in the world to start.
Candidate can be made or female
Niche: must be luxury lifestyle and fashion
Must be from one of the following locations to qualify: (EU, UK, US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore and UAE)
Must have at least 100k verifiable followers on Instagram

Experience in social media, writing, blogging, vlogging and the ability to tell a great story and promote our brand through eloquent words, pictures, videos.
Luxury connoisseur with an appreciation for the finer things in life and a clear understanding of the hospitality industry.
Experience with international travel.
Qualifications for the role
Valid Passport/ no criminal record.
Must be at least 18 years of age
Must be able to able to provide content for one month

A one month contract position that pays USD$10,000 for the individual who is chosen as the finalist.
Two custom items from slay billionaire valued at at least €15,000 : includes:
One choice of slay handbag or duffel or briefcase.
One choice of slay python/crocodile iPhone X, Apple Watch or iPad

Steps To Apply:

Register first on Slaylebrity as a slay bird at

Send an email with your new slaylebrity name, passport copy (to verify your country of citizenship) and Instagram account report snapshot showing engagement for at least last two months. Email should be sent to

If you qualify your Slaylebrity account will be upgraded to black membership and your coupon code for 15% off slay network items will be sent to you.

Login to Slaylebrity and Upload your post : the post will be titled “Slay Network Ambassador 2018 applicant”. The post should consist of :

a one-minute video telling us why you are the best candidate for the best job on the planet and a detailed description posts without a video will not be considered.

Promote your post via social media and word of mouth as the post with the most engagement I.e comments likes and shares will receive the most consideration.

Application deadline is May 20, 2018. Winning Candidate will be announced on June 20Th, 2018 on Slaylebrity
Contract starts July 01st
Contract Ends: Aug 01st
Payment for job on Aug 01st via bank transfer or PayPal

All approved candidates will be entitled to a free one year black membership account which entitles the candidate to 15% off all items on slay network for one year and access to share content on the world’s most elite social network.

Q: What is Slaylebrity ?
A: Slaylebrity is a luxury social network that provides content on the worlds most premier luxury destinations and items.

Q: What is Slay Network ?
A: Slay Network is a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand. Slay Network is also the host of Slaylebrity. You may visit slay network at

Q: When will I start the job?
A: Tentatively July-August

Q: Will I receive confirmation that you received my application email?

A: Unfortunately, due to the number of applicants, we can not respond to each individual applicant. We will be in touch with those who made it to the next step of the application process by upgrading these accounts to black membership.

Q: Does the video have to be a minute long?
A: While we won’t turn off the video at exactly 60 seconds, please keep it as close to a minute as possible so we can be fair to all applicants.

Q: What are you looking for in the video?
A: That is up to you! Impress us with your creativity.

Q: what will I be doing as an ambassador ?

A: You will be creating share worthy content with the items you receive from slay billionaire and also other luxury related content. The exact schedule will involve at least two posts per day on Slaylebrity, slay angels and your own Instagram page.

Q: Do you have any other open positions?
A: To view any other open positions, please go to:

Q: It says my video file is too large, how do I upload my video?
A: If necessary, please upload your video to a sharing service like Youtube, Then, paste your link in the video URL section of the post.

Q: Is this real? Why would you do this?
A: This is a real opportunity! We want to have new and fresh content for Slaylebrity. However, our highest priority is serving our members and making sure they have a stellar club experience. Since we are busy serving our members, we need someone on the ground to be the “eyes and ears” of the club, creating content along the way! It is a win-win for both us and the chosen candidate.


Black and gold is always a sleek choice

Drool worthy Slay python handbag

Who wants a red python Apple Watch?

Every girl needs a pink python iPhone

Pink python iPad for the boss babes

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