Trendsetters are people who can spot new trends early on and spread these fads to new locations and social groups. Sometimes they even create their own trends that others adopt. “Trends” can be almost anything, from a cell phone brand to an exotic food. However, fashion trends are the most common type people follow. If you have a penchant for looking great and want to be ahead of the curve, you may want to become a trendsetter.

Make a lot of friends. It will be easier to set trends if you have many friends who are popular and well-liked in their own right. This gives you more social capital and influence on the rest of your peer group.
* Trends are a powerful demonstration of how social influence motivates people. In general, people follow trends out of a desire to fit in.
* Trends are typically started by the rich and the famous because on some level people think looking more like them will give them some of that prestige.
* Don’t make friends with popular people just to be a trendsetter. Make sure your friendships are genuine.

Be charismatic. If you are confident and fun to be around, people will want to be more like you. Be conscious of how you present yourself, and try to be as likeable as possible

* Maintaining good posture is often overlooked when thinking about charisma. Always try to keep your back and neck straight.
* Avoid being overly serious. This doesn’t mean you have to be the class clown, but more laidback people tend to be more universally liked.

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Style is always personal

Be likable

Command respect by what you wear

Stay consistent

Bespoke luxury

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