So many things pop up in everyday life that we are afraid to go for. We take many of those moments for granted and blow them off without a care in the world. Some as silly as not ordering a soup at a restaurant because you don’t know if you will like it, so you stick with what you already know. Sometimes it could just smiling and saying hello to a stranger… what if they don’t say hello back and I feel stupid. Then we have bigger opportunities with Careers, clients, investments… and yes, relationships. All the “what if”s associated with them creates worries and strife. We tend to get hung up on the potential failures rather than focus on the amazing and wonderful things that could happen. What would I be missing if I don’t take that chance?
Recently I have had many opportunities I could have shied away from… with my current situation it is hard to stick my neck out and take big risks. I have never considered myself a risk taker. Yet here I sit thinking of taking some of the biggest risks I have taken. If I don’t take them I risk finding my ultimate career and personal success and achievement. Or I can play it safe and focus on what most people would do and end up with what? I don’t know… Someone once asked me to tell them my dream of what I want to do and to dream big! I really didn’t know what to say. I was always afraid to dream big because I didn’t want the disappointment of not achieving it. Well, screw that! Where would we be if so many others in history didn’t dream big? If you see something you want, go for it! Dream BIG!!!

By Feisty Marty

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Champions don't stop believing.To them ,victory is a question of time, and they always find motivation to push on in the face of stern opposition, and as they advance, they prevail against all odds. You are a winner. Know this!

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