Angelos Broadway has been serving New York City coal oven pizza since the 1930s. The food here is gobsmacking uber amazing, if your ever in New York do not miss out on trying the food here. And the dessert is fantastic too.

Pure Italian Yumminess! You can order and they deliver within New York for free.

Address: 1967 Broadway (b/n 53rd & 54th st.) New York.
Phone no: +1 212 245 8811

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Square Pizza in the heart of NYC

Made and bread

I cannoli think about you

Homemade Cannoli: topped with fresh pistachio, strawberries and strawberry syrup

Meatball sauciness

We loaf you

Panini Milanese- breaded chicken cutlet, aragula, tomato, Angelo's dressing

Ice cream solves everything

Angelos Broadway homemade gelato topped with fresh strawberries, available in strawberry, vanilla or chocolate


Dessert is always a lovely idea

Veggie Pizza

I only eat veggies if it's on top of a pepperoni pizza

Pasta Perfect

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