Angelina Jolie is back on camera, baring all for the newest Guerlain perfume ad. The A-list actress and philanthropist stars in a new campaign video for the brand’s latest scent, Mon Guerlain, less than two months after the brand announced she would be the face of the women’s fragrance. The recently-released clip is the first launch of the line’s “notes of a woman” campaign.
Throughout the ad, Jolie “embodies modern femininity” as she glides through a sunlit space, mastering the art of the femme fatale: pampering. She slips through silky curtains, enrobed in a creamy palates, perches au-natural on a windowsill and rehearses her lines. The video also highlights the scent’s natural composition, as a perfumer composes the formula alongside the actress.

The brand released the advertisement on Twitter, calling the iconic Jolie “extraordinary and authentic.”

The super-mom of six has been busy behind the camera as well. The preview of her latest directing gig for Netflix, They First Killed My Father, premiered last month. The film follows the Cambodian struggle with the Communist regime, her son Maddox’s homeland. Meanwhile, Jolie continues to prioritize the importance of family in the wake of her divorce from Brad Pitt.

Watch the full campaign video.

By Harper’s Bazaar

Stunning Angelina bares all

The tweet from Guerlain

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